Borwick Binned

Borwick Binned – Kensington Tories: Lady Borwick out, Felicity Buchan – Kensington Conservatives bin ivory loving Lady Borwick in favour of local socialite and Brexiteer Felicity ‘Flicka’ Buchan.

Kensington Conservatives bin ivory loving Lady Borwick in favour of local socialite and Brexiteer ‘Flicka’ Buchan

Lady ‘Call Me Victoria’ Borwick was quite bad enough in that she did nothing for the homeless and supported (and still supports) the ivory trade, but now Kensington Conservatives have done it again by selecting yet another pro-Brexit candidate.


Highlighted in the crusading local blog From The Hornets Nest as “totally unknown” and having “done little for local people in the past,” the party’s new candidate was recently announced as a Walton Street, SW3 resident and “active campaigner for Brexit” named Felicity Buchan (or ‘Flicka’ to her rather posh friends).


That a party that lost a seat that should have been won by a pig in a blue rosette given it is one of the wealthiest constituencies in the land is one thing, but that they have now selected someone who does not represent the views of the 69% of the electorate who voted against Brexit is another. Plainly Kensington Conservatives are still on a suicide mission: They most certainly deserve their likely sorry fate.


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God help her chances – With Theresa May as an “endorser,” ‘Flicka’ is an example of most definitely an example of: “With friends like these…”
‘Flicka’ has previously shown support for ‘no deal’ Brexit. Shame on her.
‘Flicka’ was previously a Conservative candidate in South Shields. She even got a visit from the harridan vicar’s daughter there in May 2017.


  1. Don’t send either of them Down Under!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No thanks to both of these women!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not my types!!!!!!!!!!!! Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kensington Conservatives really are VERY stupid. How many idiot candidates do they wish to get through? There was that old drunk Sir Nicholas Scott, then later they had the wife-and-two-daughter shagger Alan Clark and then they had the dandruff suffering dimwit Malcolm Rifkind and then they got elephant slayer with a son who sold businesses to Cambridge Analytica Lady Borwick… And now they’ve got someone called FLICKA! Their lights just flicked off. Will the last person to leave Kensington please turn them out.


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