Biden To Pardon Ghislaine? Stranger things…

As it is suggested ‘Sleepy Joe’ Biden might pardon Ghislaine Maxwell, Matthew Steeples suggests that notion to be highly doubtful.

As it is suggested ‘Sleepy Joe’ Biden might pardon Ghislaine Maxwell, Matthew Steeples suggests that notion to be highly doubtful

Prime Ministers, Presidents and dictators have long been known to kowtow to media moguls. Be it Adolf Hitler with the 1st Viscount Rothermere and both Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair with Rupert Murdoch, the power of the titans that control the press is long known but this week’s suggestion that Joe Biden might pardon Ghislaine Maxwell seems a little beyond ludicrous.


Featured as the cover story by the American tabloid the National Enquirer – a title best known for its “catch and kill” strategies and for its photographer Ron Galella’s harassment case with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in the 1970s – in their 25th July edition, Peter Sheridan of highlighted this in his ‘The Tabloids’ column.


Responding to the headline “MAXWELL SELLS OUT TRUMP! Epstein MADAM dealing for PARDON from BIDEN” – which was accompanied by subheadings including “wild and WICKED parties!” and “What she KNOWS about MELANIA!” – Sheridan called it out as a “will o’ the wisp yarn” that is “wildly speculative.”


Going further, he adds:


“According to this tabloid of record: ‘Imprisoned child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell has told authorities she’s ready to squeal on party pal Donald Trump in a desperate bid to get out of jail before she dies.’”


“Presumably because getting out of jail after she dies isn’t optimal.”


“If Maxwell was going to plea bargain, it would have been before her conviction and sentencing to 20 years imprisonment, not afterwards when she is now relying on a rare presidential pardon or commuted sentence.”


“If Biden pardoned Maxwell just to nail Trump, he would be excoriated for making a purely political move that blatantly offers an incentive to Maxwell to potentially lie about the former president to win her freedom.”


“Apart from the fact that Maxwell is a convicted criminal whose word can hardly be trusted, how could she prove any allegation she levels against Trump?”


“The story isn’t even supported by evidence that Maxwell has requested such a deal. The best the Enquirer can come up with is a New York attorney who says: ‘After hearing her sentence, Ghislaine may have realised she has no other options but to sing.’”


Monstrous media mogul turned pension pot plunderer’s daughter Miss Maxwell (AKA Mrs Scott Borgerson, ‘Jennifer Ellmax,’ ‘Jen Marshall,’ ‘Janet Marshall’ and just plain old ‘G’) certainly, however, has been photographed with Donald Trump on multiple occasions and clearly got along with him well.


It must be remembered that Maxwell – whose odds of a pardoning from Trump were at 3/1 before he left office – was showed no mercy from her former friend, the 45th POTUS. He did, however, pardon another media mogul, his chum the convicted fraudster and former Daily Telegraph owner, Lord (Conrad) Black, and in doing so most definitely gave the now convicted mucky madam sex offender the finger.


Allegations also that Melania Trump was trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein continue to do the rounds also and rotting in her cell, Maxwell, may finally realise her ‘friends’ have turned her and it’s time for her to turn on them. Stranger things, perhaps, indeed, have happened… The ‘Grubby Ghislaine’ show, after all, is the unwanted gift that keeps on giving.


Pictured top – The latest edition of the ‘National Enquirer’ features a cover story that reads: “MAXWELL SELLS OUT TRUMP! Epstein MADAM dealing for PARDON from BIDEN” (left); Maxwell pictured on the infamous ‘Lolita Express’ with Bill Clinton (right).


Due to his power British Prime Ministers had to take his calls – Robert Maxwell with Margaret Thatcher in 1985 at Mirror Group Newspapers.
American politicians were not immune to him either – Robert Maxwell with President George H. W. Bush and his wife Barbara circa 1989.
Other media tycoons had to spend time with him also – Robert Maxwell with Rupert Murdoch in 1969.
The royals clearly had to keep him onside also – Diana, Princess of Wales was photographed with ‘Bouncing Bob’ on multiple occasions.
The Prime Minister who would do anything to keep the media mogul on side – In later years and now even still, Tony Blair has kowtowed to Rupert Murdoch again and again.
Ironically, after he died at sea in November 1991, Robert Maxwell was remembered on the front page of the paper whose pension pot he had shamelessly plundered with the headline: “The man who saved the Daily Mirror.” Now, one is left asking: “Will Joe Biden actually save this tyrant’s favourite child?”

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  • Ole Joe needs to first focus on his own criminal family. First off there's creepy Joe aka basement dweller, the one that gets 10% off the top,before anyone else gets their cut. Then we have ole Joe's brother & then there's Hunter the famous painter😂😅!! That crackhead boy makes more money for one of his paintings that Van Gogh. Just try imaging that. Bet he's REALLY good at finger painting too. 🙄😏

  • President will be otherwise employed...his country and his planet are ill. The first mentally, the second physically. I am anxious to have Ghislaine tuckedaway in Ct at her chic and fun loving prison. I see Ivanka still has her surfer girl hairdo and The Donald is still doing his own with cat saliva and elmers glue. Who writes for the Inquirer that is in their right mind?? In fact, who is in their right mind ..

    • Oops, missed this. What the hell! HIS planet? What does that even mean? Most of the time be doesn't even know where he is. The kook shakes hands with ghosts, thinks he's a Senator,falls off a bike,falls down SEVERAL times while boarding a plane,showered with his teen daughter,etc. I believe America has had enough of these communists & Marxists running our country. Commie sympathizer Obama & his wife are behind much of this anti American wokeness. J6 was suppose to be an insurrection yet, not ONE person has ever. been charged with such. We will never forget crooked Hillary & her paid for phony Russian dosier along with British spy Christopher Steele. It was ALL lies. The left was doing everything they were accusing Trump of. This

    • Omg! You're SO hilarious. Melania is loved in America.Also, I'm actually not a fan of the trump family. DJT is the best PRESIDENT we've ever had though. Pretty sure the last election was stolen. There's no way creepy Joe got more votes than our Communist 44th President. Ya think Melanie ever met the D List matteress actress? Melanie grew up around communist & did what she had to..On the other hand ole yacht girl grew in privelege.


  • Like you say Matt, stranger things have happened.
    I would love to hear the explanation if it did happen.

  • Oh me too ..that would be the cherry on Ghislaines' money flavored ice cream sunday of life..

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