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An SW3 raid

Home Office immigration enforcement officials raid SW3 apartment block that counts actress Jacqueline Bisset amongst its residents


A ritzy Chelsea apartment building that counts Bullitt star actress Jacqueline Bisset amongst its residents was raided by Home Office immigration enforcement officers on Friday last.


Crompton Court on the corner of Brompton Road and Pelham Street in Chelsea, SW3 was visited by officers just after 10.30pm and of the raid, a source told The Steeple Times:


“A Home Office van pulled up in Pelham Street and about five officers, mostly female, stood hovering with a battering ram outside the former Chanel store. They made no effort to look inconspicuous and bizarrely put on gloves even. Five minutes later, a plain clothed individual let them in”.


“They stayed five minutes and during that time a number of makeup caked Arab ladies left the building quickly”.


Officers storm the building
More officers entering the building
Crompton Court is a sought after apartment block
An officer with a battering ram with a colleague
The Home Office Immigration Enforcement van used by officers
The officers depart



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