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Moron of the Moment – Amanda Platell

Amanda Platell with paedophile Rolf Harris

Paedophile and sex offender apologist Amanda Platell’s claims that the BBC “conned” her into an interview about the royals are beyond laughable

Always angry Australian Amanda Platell is someone who never owns her own mistakes.


The very worst example of acid tongued harpy Platell’s errors has to be coming out in support of her “kind and generous… dear friend Rolf Harris” in April 2013 in spite of it being clear he was nothing but a rotten paedophile, but in the years since she failed to learn that that was an easily identifiable error. In September 2020, she stepped-up her awful antics and used her Daily Mail column to claim the grubby groper and now ex-MP Charlie Elphicke was being subjected to “blatant injustice” after his conviction.


Elsewhere, in March 2014, this crackpot crazy used the very same platform to bizarrely claim “the real gay marriage bigots are its intolerant supporters” and in May that year ridiculously remarked that she’d “run out of sympathy” for the Duchess of Cambridge. Apparently, here is someone who doesn’t even realise that said member of the royal family frankly wouldn’t give two hoots about what she thinks then, now or ever.


In September 2019, bitter broad Platell turned to belittling black people by claiming “blacking-up” was just a bit of fun and that when she did it she was only “chided” by her father because she’d taken “his last tin of shoe polish.” Now, today, in the wake of her appearance on the BBC’s The Princes And The Press she’s now claiming Amol Rajan “utterly conned” her.


“Clearly, being party to such a calumny was not what I signed up for when I submitted myself to at least two hours of filmed conversation… I should have known better… I’m deeply ashamed to be associated with The Princes And The Press and feel let down by Amol Rajan, who I believe misled me” raged Platell in her Daily Mail column this morning.


The former press secretary to William Hague turned poison pen failed, however, to share how much she’d been paid to participate in both the first episode – which aired on Monday – and the second which follows on 8th December. In doing so, this ridiculous ranter showed herself as just one thing: An utter bloody berk.


Pictured top – Amanda Platell with her “old friend” Rolf Harris. In 2014, ‘Two Little Boys’ singer Harris was sentenced to five years and nine months in prison on twelve counts of indecent assault on female victims and stripped of the many honours he’d been awarded during his career.


Platell is a fan of both the convicted Australian paedophile Rolf Harris and his off-the-scale weird chum Sir Cliff Richard.
She has also ludicrously come out in support of the “I’m a naughty Tory” MP turned convicted sex offender and groper Charlie Elphicke’s sentence having been reduced. Ludicrously of the disgraced politician and his replacement as MP for Dover (whom just happens to be his very own wife, Natalie), Plattell remarked: “I cannot help wondering whether, had Elphicke not been a high-profile Tory MP, he would have been treated so harshly. My worry is that this disproportionate punishment feeds into the notion that all women are victims who live in constant fear of sexual assault, and all men villains. We are not, they are not. And a woman such as Natalie Elphicke who stands up against such blatant injustice should be applauded, not pilloried.”
Amol Rajan was condemned by the angry Australian as having “conned her” and “reduced [her two hours of contributions to his programme] to less than two minutes of selective quotes.” She claimed “I was being used to bolster Meghan’s case” and added she was “misled” and “badly treated.”
In addition to penning puerile poison for the ‘Daily Mail,’ here is a woman with a penchant for appearing on television to share her nonsense. In her column today, this haranguing harpy also asked: “Is there anything that can’t be blamed on global warming?”, had a pop at Prince Charles, celebrated his “friend” Richard Madeley’s “heartache” for his ‘pissed-up’ wife Judy Finnigan and claimed the British economy to be “booming” and life to be “almost back to normal.” Just another day in the life of a truly nasty piece of toerag…
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