All’s well that ends well

Missing Romanian tourist found safe and well


When a 63-year old Romanian tourist, Vasile Belea, became separated from his son when a tube train door closed before he could get on, a “living nightmare” began for his family. Thankfully, this morning, it has been revealed that he was found last night.


Vasile Belea

Belea, who speaks little English and suffers from arthritis, came to London to spend Christmas with his son Ciprian and had only been on the Underground on two previous occasions. On Tuesday, Belea became separated from his son at Stockwell Underground Station. Though his family returned to look for him, he’d disappeared and an appeal was issued to locate him as though he had some money and an Oyster card, his iPhone device did not have a SIM card.


On Friday night at 10.45pm, Vasile Belea was discovered in Southall and was later reunited with his family. He had not realised he was considered a “missing person” and though he’d approached police twice on first day, they didn’t understand him so he gave up approaching them.


His daughter-in-law, Olimpia Belea, commented:


“He saw his picture in the Metro newspaper and managed to get to the police last night”.


We are glad to report that for Mr Belea, all, indeed, is well that ends well.



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