Ghastly Ghislaine Goes 50/1

Odds of Donald Trump pardoning mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell move to 50/1 from 3/1 earlier just as Joe Exotic’s supporters start planning a “pizza party” for him.

Odds of Donald Trump pardoning mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell move to 50/1 from 3/1 earlier just as Joe Exotic’s supporters start planning a “pizza party” for him

Whilst yesterday, Sports Betting Dime were reporting that the odds of Ghislaine Maxwell getting a pardon before the 45th POTUS departs tomorrow had moved to 50/1 from 3/1 in December, this morning the author Kirby Sommers tweeted to the contrary and suggested: “Trump would be very inclined to pardon Maxwell even without a bribe.”


With other Twitter users echoing that sentiment of it being “highly likely for her to be freed” because “she has the Epstein money and the secrets” and her “being the worst one on the list [of 100 likely pardons] 100%,” the true prospect of Maxwell joining another possible recipient, Joe Exotic, for a “huge party… with pizza, steak and a McRib from McDonald’s” tomorrow however, does now actually seem as far-fetched as Madeleine McCann riding in on Shergar the racehorse.


Indeed, stranger things have happened, but we’d argue that even Trump – a deranged dope with plenty of problems of his own to face once he’s out of the safe confines of the White House, financial, legal and there otherwise – will pass on “going out with a bang” in spite of his previous “good wishes” to ‘Grubby Ghislaine.’ If that proves to be the case, it’ll be about the only decent decision he makes before leaving office.


Elsewhere, today at 10am EST (3pm GMT), Loretta A. Preska, Senior United States District Judge in the Southern District of New York Court, will consider unsealing further documents in the case of Virginia L. Giuffre v Ghislaine Maxwell. That matter has yet to attract much mainstream media attention, but boy could that actually be the dynamite that ‘Mucky Maxwell’s’ lackey Brian Basham might wish to not having to peddle his paws around.


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Ghislaine Goes 50/1 – Donald Trump’s friendship with both Jeffrey Epstein and his mendacious madam Ghislaine Maxwell is well documented. Here, the 45th President of the United States of America is pictured with the croaked paedophile and his very own children.
Ghislaine Goes 50/1 – Widely acclaimed author and sex slave survivor Kirby Sommers has tweeted extensively about the likelihood of Donald Trump pardoning Ghislaine Maxwell in recent days.
Ghislaine Goes 50/1 – Twitter users remain convinced in the main that Ghislaine Maxwell WILL get a pardon from Donald Trump.
Ghislaine Goes 50/1 – ‘Miami Herald’ investigative journalist and author of a soon-to-be-published HarperCollins book about Jeffrey Epstein Julie K. Brown went further and suggested of the chance of a pardon for Robert Maxwell’s degenerate daughter: “After the past two weeks, nothing seems impossible.”
Ghislaine Maxwell Goes 50/1 – Twitter user Derek MacEwen asked: “Who will be first to be pardoned – Ghislaine Maxwell or Joe Exotic?” Yesterday, the reported that “Joe Exotic’s camp is preparing for a possible pardon” and claimed they “already have a limousine parked about half a mile from the prison.” No mention was made of any such vehicle being stationed ready to whisk Ghislaine Maxwell away from the notoriously “hellish” Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.
Ghislaine Goes 50/1 – Yesterday, Ghislaine Maxwell’s accuser Virginia Giuffre announced she’d be taking a break from Twitter after revelations that representatives for Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York had been approaching a troll named Molly Skye Brown – a woman who has also trolled both Kirby Sommers and ‘The Steeple Times’ amongst others.
Ghislaine Goes 50/1 – Today marks another major stage in the court case of Virginia L. Giuffre v Ghislaine Maxwell with a conference call to decide whether further documents will be unsealed.
Ghislaine Goes 50/1 – On the 15th January on YouTube, Shaun Attwood shared further news about the Epstein-Maxwell saga and reported on a new lawsuit being launched against the dastardly duo’s associate Leslie Wexner.

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