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The World Mourns – Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (1926 – 2022)

The World Mourns – Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (1926 – 2022)

As the world mourns the death of Her Majesty The Queen, it is time to remember this remarkable monarch’s dedication, decency and dignity and to celebrate her wonderful contribution to the world

This heartbroken nation and, in fact, the heartbroken world mourns with the end of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s remarkable reign of 70 years yesterday aged 96. Hers was a life well lived and a life of confidence and continuity.


Whether glamorous in green or radiant in red, the longest serving monarch in British history and the most famous person on the planet displayed an unwavering sense of commitment to her people, Great Britain and the Commonwealth beyond.


The 42nd of a line of kings and queens of first England, then Britain, then the United Kingdom brightened the world with her twinkling blue eyes and her wicked yet gentle sense of humour. With warmth, grace and adaptability, this hardworking lady served in an extraordinary manner and was a great constant through the many storms that came and went.


Unwavering in her sense of commitment to her people and reigning during a period of extensive technological and societal changes, the ‘grandmother to the nation if not the world’ was not only a cherished sovereign but someone who stood fast and firm as 15 Prime Ministers passed her by. She conducted what was required of her up until two days before her death and showed the moral qualities of selflessness, staying power and self-sacrifice until the very end even in times of personal adversity.


Whether having a marmalade sandwich with Paddington Bear or jumping out of a helicopter with James Bond, the Queen’s wit accompanied her wisdom. No movie star could play her better and as we remember this global icon, the millions that met her will recall not only her power and intellect but also her common touch. Respected and loved, this servant of the people kept her counsel and constancy and lived by the mantra: “Never complain, never explain.”


Though a figure of world standing and undoubtedly the most influential female role model of the last 100 years, here was a figure of calm authority who happened to love horse racing and gin and Dubonnet. The Queen has now sadly passed, but it must be remembered that Her Majesty has left the monarchy secure and in safe hands. We join those saluting the eternal legacy of someone thought of as part of everyone’s family and we will forever remember this incredibly selfless diplomat’s legacy.


As we come together in grief in the new era that will follow with the national anthem, pillar boxes, cash, stamps, police helmets, passports all change – with even QCs becoming KCs – it is time also to come together as a nation and welcome the modernising force that will be His Royal Highness King Charles III.


As Her Majesty The Queen herself once wisely observed: “Better days will return” and today we conclude: “God save the King.”


Pictured top – As the world mourns, this morning’s headlines celebrated the life of the most remarkable lady of all our lives. May she now rest in peace in the company of her beloved husband.


Duty over personal fulfilment was the Queen’s reign mantra to the end and in meeting new Prime Minister Liz Truss at Balmoral just two days before her death, the dedication and servitude of this monarch shone through.
Gracious to her core, this Head of the Commonwealth was a constant in all our lives during her astonishing 70-year reign.
A sense of fun prevailed when Her Majesty conducted tours and opened this-that-and-the-other. Even in old age, her mantra made others feel at easy and in taking on whatever she did, she always made the best of any situation. As she herself said: “It is a job for life… Continuity is very important.”
Corgis and racehorses were amongst the Queen’s favourite animals. With all the travails she faced as a result of the actions of her own family members, she could always turn to them for personal support.
Her Majesty accepted her destiny, but always showed backbone and kept it stiff. She never moaned and was never overcome. Strong of sentiment, but no sentimental; no sugar, no slush – that was her style.
Not even James Bond phased Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We will forever remember her and we today say: “God save the King.”
As our monarch joins her husband in the sky, the nation will fondly recall her memory and that endearing last skit with Paddington Bear in the summer. Her memory will live on forever and history will most definitely note the significance of her reign.
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