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After the premiere of ‘Untouchable’ – a 4-hour documentary about the late paedophile Sir Jimmy Savile – last night, Matthew Steeples suggests those supporting such people as him, Rolf Harris and Ghislaine Maxwell having a ‘right to reply’ should be shamed and silenced; it is victims who do deserve a voice instead.

After the premiere of ‘Untouchable’ – a 4-hour documentary about the late paedophile Sir Jimmy Savile – last night, Matthew Steeples suggests those supporting such people as him, Rolf Harris and Ghislaine Maxwell having a ‘right to reply’ should be shamed and silenced; it is victims who do deserve a voice instead

Watched already 44,000 times in just 17 hours on YouTube since it premiered last night at 6pm – an astonishing figure given Piers Morgan’s new flagship show has attracted only 62,000 viewers a night on the very, very well funded billionaire Rupert Murdoch’s talkTV television channel – Untouchable hosted by true crime author and activist Shaun Attwood has immediately been lauded as far more revealing than even Netflix’s superb yet sickening Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story.


Extending to a remarkable 4-hours in length yet gripping throughout, Attwood featured interviews with guests including the former police officer turned investigative reporter Mark Williams-Thomas – a man credited with being the first to expose the Jim’ll Fix It presenter Sir James Savile OBE KCSG as a paedophile in 2012 – and victims of the Havana cigar chomping devil, amongst them Stephen French and Kelly Gold.


Aside from including a warbling contribution from my very self, the far wittier and far wiser criminologist and author Christopher Berry-Dee and the class act consultant forensic psychiatrist Dr. Soham Das, here was a programme that delved deep into these horrific crimes. This exploration of how a friend of royals and politicians was enabled provided much more detail than the very many other countless examinations of this Leeds born lunatic that have been aired since Savile’s much deserved demise in October 2011.


Attwood’s genius in the making of this programme was to not entirely focus on the Top of the Pops host’s sexual abuse of hundreds of victims – amongst them adult men, adult women, boys, girls and even dead bodies – but also to go into how he used such things as his ‘Friday Morning Club’ to ensure this “meanest of multi-millionaire’s” evil activities were not stopped during a lifetime of clear wickedness.


Curiously in the hours after the show premiered, I received missives not only from those who unsurprisingly remain shocked by how this monster got away with what he did and who agreed with my sentiments that the likes of Edwina Currie – whom astonishingly gave Savile the keys to Broadmoor but now rather conveniently “regrets ever setting eyes on him” – still have a lot to answer for, but also correspondence from some truly sick-in-the-head individuals. Amongst them were people who maintain the ‘innocence’ of not only one of Britain’s worst sexual predators but also believe the likes of the still living noxious nonce Rolf Harris and the still living sex trafficking predator Ghislaine Maxwell to have been wrongly convicted also.


Asked recently to participate in a televised debate with an individual who continues to maintain Savile was “setup” in spite of the overwhelming evidence of his having abused upto 300 innocent victims for the sake of showing both sides of an argument, I politely declined.


My reasoning for giving a clear “no” to this request was singular. Yes, such an opportunity could be used to show whomever this crackpot defender of evil truly is to be off-their-not-so-merry-rocker, but, equally, why on earth should such reprehensible victim shaming even be given a platform in the first place? It helps no one and it simply further upsets victims and, indeed, victims who do not deserve such unpleasant reminders of what should never have happened to them in the first place.


In my dealings over the years with those primarily sexually abused by Max Clifford, Stuart Hall, Rolf Harris and most recently the warped daughter of the pension pot plunderer that is the mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell, I have encountered damaged people who were disgracefully told their stories should never be told. They were instructed to shut up or face the consequences of the bastions of power and privilege; instead, today, I remind these enablers, PR peddlers and apologists of such cretinous creeps that it is they who deserve to be forever silenced and named and completely shamed.


Pictured top – Grubby sexual abuse facilitator Ghislaine Maxwell on a plane massaging the feet of the grubby thankfully croaked sexual abuser and paedophile Jeffrey Epstein with her breasts (left) and grubby and thankfully also croaked sexual abuser and paedophile Sir Jimmy Savile cavorting topless (right). The both of them deserve to burn in hell.


‘Untouchable’ by Shaun Attwood was nearly 4 hours in length and covered not only the ‘Jim’ll Fix It’s’ sickening abuse, but also explored the pathetic antics of those that protected and enabled this monster.
A video clip from the documentary showed Savile chomping on his cigar on the BBC’s ‘Have I Got News For You’ panel show as the dumbest MP in Britain, Diane Abbott, sat alongside guffawing at the since exposed as a paedophile’s twisted jokes about who he liked to sleep with.
‘Top of the Pops’ was highlighted as a television show where this monster committed abuse in plain sight.
A major focus of the show was Savile’s connections to powerful politicians and royalty – amongst them, of course, not only Margaret Thatcher but also Edward Heath.
Others mentioned on the show numbered the especially vile now disgraced paedophile television presenter Stuart Hall, the thankfully croaked PR peddler turned sex abuser Max Clifford and the sick, sadly still living, sex fiend Rolf Harris.
Amongst those featured on the documentary were former police officer Mark Williams-Thomas, best known for his 2012 television series ‘The Other Side of Jimmy Savile’ and ITV and Netflix crime series ‘The Investigator: A British Crime Story.’
Amongst the most powerful guests on the show was Kelly Gold – who was groped by Savile as a teenager at the BBC. Her friend, Claire McAlpine, it is alleged, killed herself after being “terrified at the thought of being pregnant” by another ex-BBC DJ who also worked on ‘Top of the Pops’ and whom it is claimed abused her.
Bestselling author and criminologist Christopher Berry-Dee suggested of the powerful and connected the late paedophile associated with. He remarked: “You’re telling me not one single one of them had the brains and the wits to think ‘let’s do an in depth security check on Mr Savile before we let him in here.’ … It’s almost as if it’s ‘don’t worry about him.’”

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  • UNTOUCHABLE is very inclusive of all Savile/Savage's exploits. My heart goes out to all the victims and survivors. Netflix was a disappointment.

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