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The mobile menace

Matthew Steeples suggests the ‘mobile generation’ should consider the effects of the menace they are beholden to


In a week when a baby dolphin was killed by selfish individuals desperate to get selfies with it, one is reminded of how dependent and dominated our lives have become by mobile phones in general and smartphones in particular.


The mobile menace – The mobile phone has changed our lives and not necessarily for the better


As someone who prefers to use an ancient handset simply to receive the odd telephone call (and not text or take photos), I find it sad when professional photographers tell me the press now use the public’s Instagram pictures instead of purchasing professionally taken images from them. It is lamentable also that couples at dinner in restaurants text one another rather than interact with one and another and the images shared here – taken from the Facebook page of a sportsperson named Alon Gabbay – illustrate a selection of these and other negative effects of how the mobile has changed the way things are done.


We are beholden to the mobile more than we are to our own minds and interaction
Conversation at the dinner table has been killed as couples often prefer to interact with their mobiles
Even personal moments have become a domain where the mobile is welcomed


It is time that the ‘mobile generation’ considered the etiquette of using their devices and whilst mobile telephones most definitely have many good uses, it is time we all realised that there’s also times to switch them off. It’s really that simple.



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    • A brave new world, to which they are most welcome

      Yes, and why not; you will be able to pull, and go the whole nine yards, given language recognition and spell check - order a pizza and some flowers from Amazon, who will fill in her - or his name or names

      I'm glad I'm not young anymore -

    • I do switch my mobile off at night and have it disconnected if I am abroad - though it is becoming more difficult to do so as people assume you must always want to be on line

    • Texting instead of speaking in restaurants? Restaurants have become so obnoxiously noisy' maybe that's the only way to communicate. When we go to dinner with some of our (now) deaf old rock' roll friends, conversation is impossible. So if we actually want to have a conversation we all dine at home. Much nicer anyhow.

    • very sad and shocking news about the tragic little dolphin , shame on those Argentinians, were they that stupid?

      On the whole, smartphones have become a plague everywhere. I just saw someone yesterday almost being run over by a lorry as he was walking glued to the smartphone and did not notice red light for pedestrians was on. It would not have been the drivers fault.

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