The curse of Savile

As Savile’s chauffeur Dave Smith is found dead, we suggest his curse is coming into effect


Jimmy Savile’s driver Ray Teret appeared in court on Saturday charged with historic sex offences and now another former chauffeur, Dave Smith, has been found dead. Savile once told Louis Theroux that he’d “take everybody down” if he was accused of anything himself.


The late paedophile Jimmy Savile promised to wreak havoc if he was ever accused
Former BBC chauffeur Dave Smith was found dead on the 28th October
Another of Savile’s drivers, Ray Teret, is due back in court on 15th November

The “little people” that surrounded Savile, such as the two drivers mentioned above, are certainly part of this promised fallout. Why then, one must ask, have this mammoth paedophile’s more powerful associates yet faced any form of questioning? It is time they were brought in also.



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