The Accolades of Abuse

Top-drawer politicians again sweep serious incidents of historic abuse under the carpet; focusing on film star abusers instead is not the solution


Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Theresa May’s thirty-six apparently ropey sex pest MPs are undoubtedly – if all or indeed any of the allegations against them are proven true – repugnant specimens but what about the existing and conveniently forgotten victims of historic abuse by equally powerful individuals including politicians, religious figures and police officers?


Just because a few well-known personalities – and admittedly long after the crimes against them, in some cases, have past the statute of limitation – have leapt up now, the media and politicians have joined a bandwagon of #MeToo. In the much older case, however, of the VIP abuse at the Elm Guest House in Richmond – a place of which only one decent MP, Zac Goldsmith, has bothered to speak out – all remains sadly silent and all allegations remain headed for being swept under the carpet.


For Theresa May, it suits to allow Christian abusers with a penchant for hanging out with gangsters to remain free as it does to continue to claim that Sir Edward Heath was a decent man also. We remain in a world where Sir Cyril Smith – a vile paedo (but one like Sir Edward never tried in any court of law) is described as a paedophile without hesitation – whilst other plainly apparent living monsters walk the streets scot-free. The late Lord Janner, a nasty bastard if ever there were one, is condemned yet nobody dare talk of a living MP with a predilection for a bit of groping (male or female, it does not matter) in his office.


Shame on Britain and yet again shame on Theresa May. Our useless Prime Minister has done nothing to solve this situation and frankly the hectoring vicar’s daughter didn’t exactly set a great example by accepting the hand of her “pussy grabbing” mate Donald Trump.


A 2014 ‘Daily Mail’ article about what allegedly went on at the Elm Guest House
The late Sir Cyril Smith (pictured with Jeremy Thorpe) is widely cited as one of British politics’ worst abusers
Paedo politician Lord Boothby had a curious relationship with the gangster Ronnie Kray; the pair supposedly got up to all sorts of things with innocent youngsters
Jonathan King is to be tried concerning allegations of historic abuse against young boys in January; allegations against the late Sir Edward Heath remain unproven in spite of a costly investigation
Serial abuser Jimmy Savile liked to hang out with everyone from Cardinal Keith O’Brien (pictured) to Prince Charles and Margaret Thatcher; widespread knowledge of the abuse he committed was swept under the carpet during his lifetime


  1. Yet another attack on many innocent people. Steeples targets good men like Viscount St Davids and helps ruin the lives of his innocent family. Thankfully Rhodri is now free and considered a hero in the community in K&C. These men must not be falsely accused either. Make recompense.

      • Stacey is dumb it seems. Abuse is abuse under any name but should we be indulging in trial by MSM who control public assassinations, or should we be dealing with the material reponsibly and being given answers not a brush off?

  2. Abuse!!!!!!!!!! WTF????????? A few wandering hands here and there —— so bloody what!!!!!!!!!!! Stop worrying about this baloney bull and get on with the great things like MAKING THE WORLD GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously Rolf Harris was a dirty bastard but Harvey Weinstein was just having a bit of a jape!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell yeah!!!!!!! Let’s all have a bit more fun guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • U don’t
      understand ,what its like to be used like a sex target when u don’t understand why? And u are only ten..that’s not right.


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