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Tatiana Giraud

Matthew Steeples highlights a fantasist and party crasher who should be banished from polite society


Tatiana Giraud can best be described as two things: A fantasist and a party crasher. Yesterday, this horror took to Twitter to berate me and now I share with readers the reasons why this shocker should be well and truly avoided.


Tatiana Giraud – A party crasher and a fantasist pictured at an event sponsored by The Steeple Times in January 2015
Tatiana Giraud’s tweet to Matthew Steeples


On the 27th January, a dinner was organised at La Brasserie in South Kensington to mark my birthday. Over 40 friends were there but given the large number of attendees, I sadly missed one who had “slipped” into the mix without invitation. That person was someone I’d never met named Tatiana Giraud.


Giraud, who describes herself as “a lover of Jesus” on her Twitter handle, did not introduce herself to me and on leaving, rang the police. She made a false allegation against another guest to the police concerning an allegation relating to sexual assault (which was subsequently dismissed after a very costly and upsetting investigation) and then, more recently, made another unconnected (and again subsequently dismissed) allegation regarding harassment against a person not at the dinner.


A week after the dinner at La Brasserie, Giraud bizarrely appeared at an event that one of the individuals she had accused sponsored. She stood in front of me and when I asked her about her habit of crashing parties and making false allegations, she bluntly remarked: “I have no need to answer you”.


Subsequently named and shamed on The Steeple Times roll call of Z-listers, Tatiana Giraud took to Twitter yesterday to berate me. In her comments she contradicted her own actions by commenting:


“Will you stop mentioning my name in your tweets [sic]. I have absolutely no desire to attend any events that you organise”.


Despite having no right to be there, Tatiana Giraud did attend my birthday party on 27th January 2015 and she did attend another event that I was involved in a week later. She is a party crasher and she is a fantasist and given that her false allegations have cost both time and money to numerous parties, we again expose her for what she truly is: A truly rotten woman and a truly nasty piece of work.



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    • This person has pestered a friend of mine repeatedly for party invites. She is worse than Denis Doble!!!!!

    • She should be banished from polite society. Her behaviour is utterly unacceptable. I hear that party crashing is just the start of her activities and after witnessing her be very rude to Matthew Steeples on a subsequent occasion I stand totally firm with him in his dislike for her.

    • She cannot be a lover of Jesus if she persists in the sin of taking from what she in not entitled.

      • I challenge anyone to meet her and not end up with an allegation against them. She's off the scales.

    • She once gatecrashed one of my parties. I recognise her thanks to this article and now I know who she is, I will ban her from everything I organise.

    • Wow I wish I'd seen this before we hired her to work for us...she tried to get me fired using all kinds of made-up nonsense. Feel sorry for her really as there's obviously something not quite right there.

    • I would urge anyone who is considering involvement of any kind to pay attention to this. Beware. I give you fair warning - having encountered her myself. Run for the hills.

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