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Rooting Out Rupert

Matthew Steeples highlights an especially unpleasant individual – Meet Rupert James, a ‘man’ with a hatred for Gina Miller and what he calls ‘Kaffir Boys’


Aside from being a typical example of an angry old man, Rupert James is someone who takes to social media to abuse others. To him, Gina Miller is a “witch” and “an interfering bint”; an image of a black parking warden generates a comment of “just look… enough said” and a video of bull terriers attacking a black man in South Africa is shared along with the comment: “Take away has arrived. Feeding time… Serves the thieving Kaffir right… Hahaha!!!”


Rupert James shares his views on a video shared by something called ‘South Africa Crime Watch’
The original post by the ‘organisation’


Shared on Facebook with his equally nasty chums, James previously has referred to other black men as “Kaffir Boys” and myself as a “complete c**t”. He added: “He’s going to regret the way he’s spoken and written about me. This I promise” and added: “Being blocked by this little s**t is as good as being sent to the Upper House”. James has no regard for civility and along with his cronies seems unable to accept how inappropriate using the word ‘kaffir’ truly is.


Regarded as “highly racially offensive, in the same way as nigger in the United Sates” according to Wikipedia and “seldom used as an isolated insult, but rather is used systematically by openly racist people when talking about black people”, ‘kaffir’ is a word that should be banished to history. It and individuals like Rupert James have no place in civilised society.


Further examples of posts from Rupert James follow:



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  • A really nasty idiotic piece of work who I am looking forward to meeting this year so he can spew such in my face,so I can show him where he really needs to be.

  • I was so disappointed when he stopped leaving comments here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I know why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should be locked up as Rupert James actually is a man who talks a lot of sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I always found his comments highly unpleasant. I am glad not to have ever met this nasty piece of work. Rupert James is the one should be locked up.

  • Rupert James can be easily explained. He is a person with nothing in his life but anger. He needs to seek help urgently.

    • Could MS do a 'What's on your mantelpiece" with Ethel?
      I see lots of Spanish china dolls with frilly hats-memento's of various SAGA trip.
      An invitation to the Hindhead Womens Institute Annual Dinner, various knick knacks and a pair of large Staffordshire spaniels....
      I dread to think who she would include in the railway carriage....

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