Responsibilities, Rights & Ginge & Cringe

Matthew Steeples suggests the Duke and Duchess of York should finally accept that when they gave up on responsibilities, they gave up their rights to privileges also; they do not deserve UK police protection.

Matthew Steeples suggests the Duke and Duchess of York should finally accept that when they gave up on responsibilities, they gave up their rights to privileges also; they do not deserve UK police protection

Prince Harry supposedly thinks it is “too dangerous [for him and his family to visit the UK.” If this is genuinely the case and not just another example of him and his meddling sidekick getting carried away with their soppy selves, instead of taking the British government and effectively the monarch and his very own grandmother also to court, why doesn’t he just not bother coming back to these shores at all?


Clearly the attention seeking Duke and Duchess of Sussex – exactly like the prince’s randy rotter uncle, the Duke of York and his loopy live-in ex-wife – have utterly no understanding of what the vast majority of the public actually think of private profiteers who want to also live off the public purse. Going further, as former royal protection officer Ken Wharfe, in bang-on-the-nail fashion, pointed out yesterday: “Why can’t Harry understand that giving up his royal role means losing his privileges?”


Writing for the Daily Mail, Wharfe – a man whose expertise in this field is second to none – argued: “Police protection should not be for sale. Prince Harry has an outrageous cheek, demanding a full royal security detail to be reinstated when he visits the UK.”


“For the Queen and her government to accede to his demand and set this precedent is unthinkable.”


“Harry is now a private citizen, domiciled in a foreign country – entirely by his own choice. None of the royals wanted this to happen, least of all his father and brother, but it has.”


“If he is granted the services of the Metropolitan’s royal protection squad, for which he has magnanimously offered to pay, every visiting Hollywood star and wealthy celebrity may as well expect the same privileges.”


“Britain would face the humiliating prospect of hiring out our highly trained and armed officers to any reality television narcissist or tinpot dictator’s children who can foot the bill.”


Wharfe is spot on and going further, just like with Edward VIII before him, this prince can’t have his cake and eat it too. An apt proverb that needs banging into the skull of the dopier half of the demanding duo that is ‘Ginge and Cringe,’ here is a “privacy” seeking couple whose own lawyer, Jenny Afia, has ludicrously stated:


“Of course, then they challenged [the situation that resulted in them moving to America to seek “privacy”] because that’s in line with their values but that doesn’t mean just because you assert your human rights that you then become some kind of Trappist monk and take a vow of silence and you’re not allowed to discuss anything.”


Aside from wanting “privacy” yet graspingly signing deals with Netflix, Spotify and Oprah Winfrey amongst others for hundreds of millions of dollars in itself being utterly contradictory, the money and fame hungry duke and duchess must be reminded that if you give up responsibilities, as they did two years ago, you also give up your rights and privileges.


Prince Harry is no longer any form of representative of Great Britain and his wife frankly never wanted to be. This couple, like Mrs Simpson and her spouse before them, need to be told that they would be best to put up, shut up, belt up and wrap up and accept exile in La-la land.


Paraphrasing words used once by Jeremy Clarkson of his on-off friend-foe Piers Morgan: “Americans. It took us 35 years to get rid of Prince Harry. Please don’t send him back.”


Whilst The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have behaved with impeccable dignity and accepted their responsibilities, attention seeking Prince Harry and the former Meghan Markle seem more interested in fame and private profit than the supposed “privacy” they claimed to move to America in search of.
At the funeral of his grandfather last year, the Duke of Sussex – along with his uncle, the Duke of York – were, like the rest of their family, quite rightly given police protection. On this occasion, there would have been a clear risk of an attack upon them, but given these two demanding twerps have brought disgrace on their relatives in the time since, they no longer deserve any more of such courtesy of the public purse.
In December 2012, Jeremy Clarkson tweeted begging America to keep Piers Morgan. In January 2022, the British public most definitely would be glad if they would now please keep the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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  • These two are NOT welcome Down Under!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have enough trouble with incomers unwelcome to our lands and this woke woman should stay in America with her pathetic probably not even royal really husband!!!!!!!!!! She's ruined his life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's now trying to ruin everyone else's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harry is a lost soul. He forces himself on the civilized world by conjuring the ghost of his Mother, in a tireless tantrum. He is haunting his own past. The thought that he and his utterly disappointing wife might really believe that he has " royal blood" is food for thought. I dont think anyone really wants to see him in the UK anymore ..or anywhere for that matter. They are crushingly boring.

  • Just a pair of self indulgent twats, that think the world revolves around them. I wish they would just stay in Disney land and fade away.
    I dread the day if they ever decide to visit down under again, we will of course have all the brain washed, blue rinse set, royal worshippers lining the streets, hoping the pair of them might glance in their direction and smile, and then they think in some way they are blessed.
    They all seem to forget that a few years back, she was just a back packer in Aus, sleeping on the beach and cracking a few tinnies with the boys, but now her poo doesn't smell, Pleeeese give me a break.

  • Quoting Ken Wharfe's Daily Mail article was also bang - on, he summed it up well, notably the misplaced indignation and somewhat disloyalty vis a vis the Queen & his proposed court case.

    'Going to court' is not just an affliction but a possible addiction? 🤔

    Wish he'd just get on with a real job other than these seemingly vexed accusations!

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