Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Put Away The Not So Kool Aid


Matthew Steeples joins James Stunt in calling on the ‘Mail’ to develop some rationality and focus on the international emergency rather than publishing irrelevant drivel fed to them by the publicity craving Ecclestone family

We’re in the middle of a lockdown due to the worst pandemic since the 1918 Spanish flu and the Mail on Sunday thinks it appropriate to publish a picture of James Stunt and I to accompany a story declaring that a painting that he never actually owned might be a fake. The article it was used in might also be about Viscount Rothermere (the paper’s proprietor) having a pop at the Duchess of Cambridge, the art dealer Philip Mould or the National Gallery additionally, but I cannot fathom why this piece of non-news is relevant at this very moment given it has no particular time or current affairs context.


Coming on the back of the sister title of the Mail on Sunday, the Daily Mail, sharing yet more gunge from Sam Palmer, the son of a convicted criminal fiancé (possibly husband if you believe this halfwit’s ‘cryptic’ social media posts) of Mr Stunt’s former ‘trouble and strife,’ Petra Ecclestone, this obsession, I’d argue, has gone beyond ridiculous. The ‘feature’ concerned reported on the child-like ex-used car hawker Palmer challenging Stunt (and I) to both “fight” him “street style” at what he called “his compound.” How that was relevant to someone living in Newcastle or New York now (or at any time actually) is quite beyond my comprehension.


Whether this Essex born dimwit – whom the Mail themselves once branded “Mr Childish” and whose most distinguishing mark, poor lamb, is a plainly extremely carefully considered tattoo that reads ‘Today Is All I Have’ – thinks a property he lives in, Sloane House in Old Church Street, Chelsea, courtesy of Miss Ecclestone is actually akin to David Koresh’s Mount Carmel Center Waco compound is one thing, but that he abhorrently wants to drain the resources of the National Health Service at this time through violence is quite another. That this tawdry tat made the Mail’s pages is distasteful and simply reflective of a newspaper that plainly needs its owner to instil some moral compass from the helm.


Frankly, as James Stunt himself pointed out in an Instagram video missive this morning, it is time for some common sense and rationality. If Sam Palmer and Petra Ecclestone wish to continue to behave like petulant pillocks, that’s their choice but the publishing group that is DMG Media (formerly Associated Newspapers) should develop some temperance. It is time for them to put away the Kool Aid and addiction to writing about a man who has barely been outside in three years; it is time instead to focus on the matter in hand – the international emergency that is the fight against coronavirus.


Pictured top: “Who’d want to see these two at this time?” – The image of James Stunt and Matthew Steeples used in this morning’s ‘Mail on Sunday’ about what they call a “Van Dyck selfie” that was bought for the nation and is on display at the National Gallery.


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  1. Daily Mail – can be relied on to be tomorrow’s chip papers today. Just a rag that spouts shite – a bit like gobby oik snake Sam Palmer criminal boy.

  2. Sam Palmer was sent Down Under!!!!!!!!!! He pestered our Sheilas a bit much so we sent him a way with a rod rammed up his jacksie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not the kind of guy to share a Castlemaine with hence why he ended up with that washed up Botox bag Petara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not send her Down Under — she looks like a total car wreck — just like her daddy’s business meddling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock them all uP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. Stunt had a lucky escape from that familioid of mentaloids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sam Palmer is brain dead.
    Firstly when you marry someone you marry all of their responsibilities including the responsibility of raising their children.
    What sort of role model is this man to the children? He is quite happy (in his words) to beat the living crap out of the children’s father in front of them in their home. But it ok because it is for charity.
    I would be questioning if this man is safe around these children. Brain dead berk

  4. Sam Palmer has funny eyes like Jay Rutland. Perhaps they share a dad as well. Something very ugly about both of those Essex fruit jobs. Nothing sexy at all.


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