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Punish Pavement Pests

Punish Pavement Pests – Ban rollerblades and pavement scooters – In the wake of a rollerblader causing a woman severe head injuries, Matthew Steeples demands ‘pavement pests’ – including those blessed scooters – be banned.

In the wake of a rollerblader causing a woman severe head injuries, Matthew Steeples demands ‘pavement pests’ – including those blessed scooters – be banned from spaces meant for pedestrians


‘Pavement pests’ – adults on both pavements and roads on such things as children’s pavement scooters and rollerblades and people capable of walking on ‘body snatcher’ mobility scooters – truly get my goat.


Having spent a considerable period of the year with my arm in a sling, I was naturally cautious as I wandered about. People with rucksacks were naturally a hazard to keep clear of, but what truly became a danger were those I mentioned above. Each and every time I was bashed into by one, I came to realise what a menace these contraptions and those that use them truly are to anyone who gets in their way.


The author, Matthew Steeples, tries out a mobility scooter with a lady who genuinely needs one; they do have their place.


This week, proof of the true impact of such was provided when a French-born male model, Patrick Nodanche, 28, received a suspended prison sentence of fifteen months. He caused severe head injuries to an investment expert, Jean Hu, 35, when he smashed into her at high speed on rollerblades in Haymarket, London. The consequences for Ms Hu were severe: Since the incident in October last year, she has spent eight days in hospital, has needed specialist home care and has had to abandon her six-figure job at Goldman Sachs as “her injuries make long-distance travel impossible.”


It is now time that the government tightened up legislation in this area. Whilst Nodanche was rightly prosecuted, nothing can currently be done about adults knocking over old ladies on pavement scooters. Whilst one could argue, the populous should just behave responsibly, the images below prove many simply don’t. It is time to push pavement pests into the gutter and it is time to remember pavements are for pedestrians.

#PavementsAreForPedestrians #PunishPavementPests


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The face says it all – This grimacing brat plainly knows she’s doing wrong; I’d send her off to pick litter.
A woman with an electric pavement scooter and a dog in a harness: A danger both to humans and animals.
Headphones, rollerblades and sunglasses – What a truly stupid creature.
A middle aged man who simply looks like a dunce.
Katie Price may be capable of “getting her tits out” but she’s also capable of using her legs; she does not need a mobility scooter and should get off and walk.
This chubby man should follow the lead of the lady on the left and ride the bicycle he has hired on the road; pavements are for pedestrians.
A body snatcher and a bum – This woman should act her age, not her knicker size.
This woman not only is a plague on the pavement because of her pavement scooter, she also has headphones on and thus is an even greater danger.
A prat scoots on.
This woman should remember that the Kings Road is a shopping street; it is not a scooting destination.
At least this fool is wearing a helmet but readers should remember that if you injure him in your car, he’ll still no doubt try and blame you. Get him off the road.
Two electric pavement pests in a cemetery – If they carry on this conduct, there could indeed be further bodies headed there.
Snapped in Walton Street, Knightsbridge – Where does this bozo think he’s headed? Heathrow Airport?
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