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Off the page - Jonathan King on Edward Heath

Why did ‘The Spectator’ give the convicted paedophile Jonathan King the space to gush about Edward Heath?


In a week when the “(not) so saintly” Camilla Batmanghelidjh claimed “I am being suppressed because I know about sexual-abuse claims against senior people” and Westminster’s chief magistrate told Lord Janner that “the law requires your presence”, plenty of others leapt to the defence of Edward Heath in the wake of seven police forces announcing investigations into allegations that he could have been a paedophile.


Off the page – Jonathan King


Whilst the Angelina Jolie-hating columnist Matthew Parris boldly (and without any evidence to support his claims) declared “there’s no establishment cover-up” and stated: “If Heath was a child abuser, I’m an aardvark”, The Spectator went further and gave the convicted paedophile Jonathan King the space to gush about Edward Heath. In a blog for them, he claimed that most abuse allegations are simply “clearly misunderstandings” and went as far as to state that “Edward heath wasn’t gay” simply because he didn’t try it on with him.


The Spectator is undoubtedly one of the best publications on the planet but King is widely known as a fantasist, fruitcake and freak. Despite having been jailed, this disgraced entertainer continues to peddle the lie that he is innocent and thus piles further hurt on the victims he abused. He has utterly no shame and no decent title anywhere should give him the space to spout.



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      • One look at him and you know he was a paedophile, I struggle to understand how he is allowed to speak publicly let alone being given paid work to voice his opinion!

    1. They have him space to spout his rubbish because gay paedophiles are everywhere in our government and associated press. Why do you think it’s been kept so quiet for so long?

      The funniest part is that we are trying to be led to believe that there will be a full and honest investigation into all of this historic abuse claims. They will through a few lambs to the slaughter but we will never ever get to know the full extent of child abuse in this country.

      We all know this because like anything that happens where fugues of power are concerned they either ignore it, don’t investigate properly or just do a shit job of it!

      Labour, Blair, Brown – Iraq & Afghanistan wars – both illegal.

      Death of Dr David Kelly.

      Weapons of Mass Destruction Lies – Iraq War.

      M McCann so called “Scotland Yard Investigation” – £10 Million and absolutely no more evidence than in 2008, why for this one child? Hundreds go missing every year and most lucky to get £50k spent on them!

      Just a few recent and very questionable incidents and so called investigations!

    2. In all fairness and where I do have issues with all these “historic” cases is that when people are dead, they cannot defend themselves and receive a fair “trial”. One has to ask why so many people all of a sudden come forward and only now decide after 30 years that they want justice, that only now can they face up to the trauma of telling the world, coincidently the person who has done it is now dead and can’t deny or defend themselves!

        • What are the “Deal”?

          And no, I didn’t say the dead are exempt from having their reputation looked into. What I said is that I find it very, very peculiar that when these people die and can’t offer a defense that there is all of a sudden a deluge of people willing to come forward.

          My instinct is that yes there’s people have with no doubt done something questionable, but I also think there is a lot of people who see an opportunity! .. It’s akin to “crash for cash” IMO.

    3. Floreat Eton and Deo Dante Dedi

      My opinions are biased; so of little worth – this said; thirty or so years ago – before it became really fashionable, and one needed to book a year ahead to do it, my wife and I used to serve food to the down and outs on Christmas Days at the Euston Bus Garage; a most interesting experience – the two memorable names amongst our group of helpers were Peter Carrington and Kenneth Keith ( Jonathan King ) …..speak as you find I find……

      • I understand that you may have witnessed one good deed by someone who has done something so dispicable as paedophilia, but as they say, many a guilty man does a good deed to campflage their bad intent!

    4. Could Mr King possibly/maybe/etc have money invested in The Spectator and so have insisted on space to air views on Heath The real pity is he didnt choose to use that amount of newsprint and make it really worth reading by naming, (As he surely could/can) the LIVING Stars/Celebs (@ BBC/EMI etc),with whom he shares his deviant tastes


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