Tuesday, January 26, 2021

No Lady


‘Lady’ Brady deserves to be stripped of her title suggests Matthew Steeples


Surprisingly for a woman with a mouth the size of China, ‘Lady’ Brady has gone remarkably quiet in the wake of the scandal engulfing her boss Sir Philip Green.


Having issued an unwarranted attack on my good friend James Stunt in March this year in The Sun, this dimwitted woman – known for carrying a tacky handbag emblazoned with ‘Lady’ on one side and ‘Brady’ on the other – now finds herself facing calls for her to appear before Parliament to answer questions about what she knew about payments and the use of non-disclosure agreements in her role as chairman of ‘Sir Shifty’s’ holding company, Taveta.


Whilst I was left perplexed as to why ‘Lady Brady’ – a woman who incorrectly refers to herself as ‘Lady Karren Brady’ on her Twitter handle – would so viciously go after James Stunt (a gentleman of the first order whom she’s never even met), one can once again highlight her for what she is and that is a hypocrite of the first order.


A co-star with Lord Sugar on the BBC show The Apprentice, Brady has regularly claimed to be a campaigner for women’s rights in the workplace and on the basis of the revelations against her boss, she needs to ‘man up’ and speak out. I’ll go further and turn her very own words on this “nasty piece of work” – Shame on you Lady Brady.


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  1. What a vicious face!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t send the birdy Down Under!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We don’t want this one —– No pwoah from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. James Stunt should totally ignore her piffle. She speaks nothing but drivel. All businesses she involves herself with seem to end in failure.

  3. It’s interesting that a man who has supported the odious Green through thick and thin is Jeff Randall. Randall, once BBC business editor, makes a habit of cosying up dodgy Essex ‘entrepreneurs’. David Sullivan, the purveyor of porn, is another Randall mate.
    Interesting that the motormouth and dimwitted Randall is keeping very quiet about his hideous dwarf like friend.

  4. She is a fake feminist who has used men who have obviously used her, to crawl up the business ladder.
    Meeting David Sullivan personally and seeing first hand his seedy existence, I would never want to be in the company of a man where women are a commodity and his means to make money. Speaking to him for 30 minutes in one of his ‘clubs’ really was enough to put me off him for life!

  5. This frightful woman worked for two men whose fortunes are based on selling soft porn….David Sullivan and David Gold. She looks as tough as the people she worked for…. Modern Britain and a friend of Cameron


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