1. Hi Nick

    Please ban this lowlife woman from Facebook. She is no use on our beautiful planet and is clearly using social media to attract attention to herself with her horrific actions.



  2. Piece of privelaged,selfish crap trying to be a man.Nothing wrong with being a kind,nurturing activist woman.wtf is Wrong with her?These poor animals are soooooooooo stressed already they do not need butchers to push them into extinction.These freaking wealthy cesspools of ego pollute up the Earth flying here and there and driving or have a driver driving inefficient luxe cars,they float around on huge polluting yachts which have everything flown/trucked in from All Over the World,they live in inefficient huge mcmansions which pollute as much as twenty average American families and They want to tell Us to have less kids,pay a scam carbontax,or live in an ikea hut.F them!Save the animals,plants,decent humans and live simply.Fugbuk is Garbagestadi Rothschild gatekeeping,No Human should use it anyway,grow up and get Real friends. Viva la America!!!!!! 🙂


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