Maxwell’s Moment – Ghislaine Maxwell: Jekyll And Hyde

Matthew Steeples assesses Jekyll and Hyde-like Ghislaine Maxwell’s character just as her moment of destiny in court looks likely to arrive within 24 hours.

Matthew Steeples assesses Jekyll and Hyde-like Ghislaine Maxwell’s character just as her moment of destiny in court looks likely to arrive within 24 hours

Ghislaine Maxwell’s life to date has undoubtedly been like a curate’s egg; a tale of two halves, partly very, very good and partly very, very bad. In fact, in analysis, one could most definitely sum her up as a modern-day Jekyll and Hyde crossed with a modern-day Cruella de Vil.


Born into a world of undoubted privilege and wealth and given access to the finest education possible, here is a 59-year-old woman whose skill set was honed from an early age. Without doubt socially able and considered the ultimate example of a connector, Maxwell has been lauded by her friends, family and supporters as charming, capable and caring. She certainly, on the surface, until 2019 appeared as someone who had gotten it all back in spite of her pension pot plundering, murderer father’s demise in 1992.


Seen last in London at a ritzy party for the Cash & Rocket car rally at Bibendum on 6th June 2019 – which beyond ironically sought to help “women in need” and whose organiser Julie Brangstrup failed to vet the alleged mucky madam’s entry in spite of the fact that she’d already been served with a sworn affidavit concerning underage female trafficking in April 2019 – with spoilt heiresses including Chloe Green, Paris Hilton and Caroline Stanbury, Maxwell attempted a business career with such things as her Kit Kat Club in the 1980s, but later sought stature through campaigning and founding non-profits in the 2000s.


Maxwell’s superficial appearance and friendships with power and privilege, however, hid a monstrous and murky world. Whatever the outcome of her trial, it is clear that here is a woman who became anorexic at the age of three and was abused by her father and here is a woman who replaced that particular wicked monster with another wicked monster and abuser in the form of Jeffrey Epstein; here, indeed, is a warped woman completely lacking in a moral compass.


Plainly devoted to the opaquely funded taxi driver turned teacher turned financier, it is apparent from the evidence shown in Judge Alison Nathan’s court that Ghislaine Maxwell pandered to the now croaked paedophile’s every whim, but was he perhaps not also pandering to hers? The Palm Beach house manual presented as evidence is testimony to that and the multitude of photographs of the pair embracing speak volumes as to this being a union of equals.


Now, as we await a likely jury verdict within 24 hours, I’d suggest that the most important analysis in this case will be who was the master and manipulator and who was the functionary in this rotten relationship; follow the money and then you’ll get to the truly terrible truth about this nefarious narcissist. It will beyond sicken even the strongest of stomachs.


Ghislaine Maxwell’s life has undoubtedly, for the main, been one of privilege. Pictured here with actor Kevin Spacey, a man accused of multiple allegations sexual harassment and assault by young men, at Buckingham Palace, here is a self-entitled woman whose friends have included Prince Andrew, Presidents Clinton and Trump and Lady Victoria Hervey.
‘Cap’n Bob’s’ favourite daughter has always been into parties. Lauded as a “socialite” rather than as a “sordid sex trafficker” for most of her life thus far, the alleged mucky madam was pictured at notoriously nasty Naomi Campbell’s 2001 birthday party on the French Riviera with the likes of Flavio Briatore in 2001. The now 59-year-old is circled far right whilst Virginia Roberts Giuffre – who has already received a financial settlement of sum unknown from both Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell – is also circled (centre, front).
They say you are defined by your choice of friends and this image of the deviant daughter of a pension pot plundering crook says it all. Jean-Luc Brunel is currently also incarcerated and awaiting trial. He stands accused of partaking in the sex trafficking ring run by Jeffrey Epstein, criminal conspiracy, human trafficking and the rape of minors by French prosecutors.
Miss Maxwell and her chum and co-driver Nettie Mason, wife of Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, apparently raised nothing for charity during the Cash & Rocket 2019 shindig they participated in alongside Paris Hilton and Caroline Stanbury. In March 2021, ‘The Steeple Times’ asked organiser Julie Brangstrup: “Why, given you campaign against female trafficking, did Cash & Rocket allow Ghislaine Maxwell, a woman served with a sworn affidavit concerning underage female trafficking in April 2019, to participate in your June 2019 rally?” We again repeat that request to Ms Brangstrup today and again suggest that Maxwell’s ‘charity work’ was simply smoke-and-mirrors to hide her deviant desires.
‘The Bouncing Czech’s’ decidedly deviant daughter married Scott Borgerson in 2016 after he’d concluded divorce negotiations in which he’d been called out as violent and abusive. Curiously, Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-lover’s family knew nothing of this union until their sibling appeared in court following her arrest at Tuckedaway on 2nd July 2020. Mr Borgerson, 46, tellingly, has not attended his wife’s trial on a single occasion to date and has been spotted living-it-up with a “yoga enthusiast” who reportedly “has an ass that could crack open a walnut” named Kris McGinn. So much for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, it seems.
Whilst Mr Borgerson has not even bothered to show-up to support his wife in court in spite of her claims of having been tortured in prison, her siblings “linked arms” and put on a united front on Monday as the jury were sent out. That they already claim that, if she is found guilty, their sister will straight away seek to appeal the judgement is indicative of their lack of confidence in getting the result they so desire.

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  • I remember a long time ago, Robert Maxwell appearing on TV on behalf of some "charity" and actually saying "please, send me a pound". A bit later, the scandal about his massive embezzlement erupted. His daughter is the same with her "charity" work....they are massive hustles meant to pay her "expenses" and bring in more contacts.

  • I am chasing my mind right now, but, the relations mongst the Dubins and Epstein and Ghislaine seem arcane and sort of medieval. It whispers to me of sociopathic, tribal behavior. The government followed her to a compound in Colorado. The Dubins have one. The photo of Jen Binet Ramseys' last pageant appears to have Ghislains profile on the left. Ms. Menninger (sp) was the atty for Patsy Ramsey and there was a strange phone call to a detective that spoke of child abuse. This all happened in Colorado. I am processing the mentioned photos of Ghislaine pregnant and I am wondering who might raise a child for Ghislaine... could the Dubins?? Does one of their children have Epsteins cat like upper lip or Ghislains hooded eyes??
    If you dont post this I understand. It is impossible isnt it??

  • PS..Uncle Eff did propose to Evas' nineteen year old daughter, for purposes of protecting a vast fortune geez .Edward DeVere 17th Earl of Oxford could have written about such things.
    Im still thinking .

  • I would love to be the one to press the button on an electric chair where Ghiz might be sitting. Let her fry!

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