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Another Met Mess – Inept Met Police Shockingly Shelve Jeffrey Epstein 2001 Abuse Investigation

Met Police London Jeffrey Epstein

As inept Met Police unsurprisingly shelves investigation into UK activities of croaked paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Matthew Steeples reminds that they shockingly did same with their 1994 investigation into now convicted sex fiend Ghislaine Maxwell

In 1994, yes, you read it right, in 1994, the Metropolitan Police investigated the activities of Ghislaine Maxwell in London. To do so, they took over a bedroom in a residence opposite the South Kensington mews house where the mucky madam lived between 1989 and 1997 and for two weeks watched the comings and goings from an alleged brothel operated there.


Unsurprisingly, given this pension pot plunderer’s daughter’s powerful connections with amongst others the subsequent Met Police chief Dame Cressida Dick – with whom she both went to school and the same Oxford college – they did absolutely diddly squat.


Last night, in another connected development relating to allegations that Maxwell’s coconspirator Jeffrey Epstein abused young women in London circa 2001, MailOnline trainee reporter Eirian Jane Prosser equally unsurprisingly revealed: “The Metropolitan Police has said it will be taking no further action over allegations made against the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.”


In a statement shared by Prosser, the Metropolitan Police predictably excused themselves and pathetically observed:


“The Metropolitan Police Service has been liaising with other law enforcement agencies who led the investigation into matters related to Jeffrey Epstein. Detectives have thoroughly reviewed information provided to it and in the public domain.”


“In the absence of any further information we will be taking no further action. As with any other matter, should new and relevant information be brought to our attention we will assess it.”


Featured as a world exclusive in The Steeple Times in December 2020, we shared the story of the very lady whose house was used for the 1994 surveillance of 69 Stanhope Mews East in South Kensington, SW7 – the then London residence of none other than Ghislaine Maxwell. At that time, the businesswoman concerned told us:


“I was visited by officers from the Met Police in 1994 whom asked to use a bedroom in my property and to install a camera at the window to monitor the house diagonally opposite, 69 Stanhope Mews East.”


“I was not told at the time who the person concerned was, but I now realise it was Ghislaine Maxwell who was the owner of that house. I recall seeing very young girls coming and going from that building very often.”


“The officers remained for a week and then I heard no more about what happened next. All I knew was that a brothel was being operated from there and that the police wanted to close it down. They could have caught this evil woman then, but maybe her friendships with powerful people like Prince Andrew helped ensure her criminality was swept under the carpet.”


Again today, we join those asking: “Why was the 1994 investigation swept under the carpet?” and “why has the more recent Met Police investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s London activities gone the same way?” Who, indeed, are the nation’s most powerful police force protecting and why – in the wake of their very many recent scandals including their handling of the cases of the murders of Sarah Everard and Daniel Morgan – are they so conveniently trying to close down investigations into these clearly very, very murky matters involving very, very powerful people?


Pictured top – Since dead sex fiend Jeffrey Epstein and his since incarcerated co-collaborator sex fiend Ghislaine Maxwell (left), one-time alleged brothel 69 Stanhope Mews East (centre) and Maxwell’s former schoolmate and now former Met Police chief Dame Cressida Dick (right).


69 Stanhope Mews East, South Kensington, London, SW7 5QT was the subject of a covert surveillance exercise by the Metropolitan Police in 1994 whilst under the ownership of the pension pot plundering ‘Cap’n Bob’s’ decidedly deviant daughter. Very young ladies of a certain type were seen coming coming and going during the period and it was suspected by neighbours that the house was being operated as a high-class whore house run by a smart looking madam.
The Met Police’s investigation into what Jeffrey Epstein got upto in London no doubt centred on Ghislaine Maxwell’s then home at 44 Kinnerton Street, Belgravia, London, SW1X 8ES. It could also have included the nearby Lanesborough Hotel – which, at that time, had interiors designed by his own designer Alberto Pinto – and other locations.
New Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir Mark Rowley has closed down the investigation into the London activities of the croaked paedophile Jeffrey Epstein rather quickly in the wake of his appointment in July this year. There’s just two questions for him of this very convenient for some very powerful figures including primarily Prince Andrew and that is: “Why?” and “Why now?”
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