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Lose the Loose – Loose Women should be scrapped – Matthew Steeples suggests enough is enough after ‘Loose Women’s’ latest scandal; ITV should scrap this repugnantly gross TV show in the wake of the Coleen Nolan – Kim Woodburn debacle.

Matthew Steeples suggests enough is enough after ‘Loose Women’s’ latest scandal; ITV should scrap this repugnantly gross TV show


I’ve always thought Loose Women to be nothing but gross – and in fact have even suggested there should be a male counterpoint titled Misogynist Men. Featuring an ageing bunch of blabbermouths, this lunchtime ‘chat show’ is about pandering to the lowest common denominator and allowing a set of ‘brash birds’ to ogle younger men and relive tales of their frankly unappealingly gross sex lives.


Frequented by such has-beens as the ‘Inglorious’ apologist for Cliff Richard, Gloria Huninford, and the cackling cat Linda Robson, Loose Women stooped to a new low last week when Coleen Nolan made fellow panellist Kim Woodburn cry and caused her to storm off the set.


In response, in her “only interview” on the incident, publicity seeking Coleen Nolan told the Mirror: “Anyone that knows me knows I’m not a bully. That would be the most hurtful thing people could call me.”


Returning fire on Twitter, Woodburn stated:


“Those Nolan sisters are just like the mafia, cross them and the mob are after you… fortunately I won’t let them break me, I’m much stronger than that! #loosewomen”


Going further, in an interview with The Sun, the former How Clean Is Your House star added:


“I was ambushed, it was disgusting. It was like a circus and I was there for some cruel entertainment. I want Coleen and her sister fired.”


“They could have stopped that show. The one who had the ear mic could have stopped it. But they did nothing to curb it.”


“I do go at people if they go for me. I hope I never live to see the day when a human being in her 50s and her sister could mock a lady sobbing on TV.”


“They should not be on that show. And I will do all I can to get them off it.”


Ofcom have received over 7,000 complaints about this debacle. They should investigate and ITV should do the decent thing: They should lose the Loose Women for once and for good.


Sign a petition to have Coleen Nolan fired by clicking here.


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