Maxwell’s Judgment Day – Sentencing of Ghislaine Maxwell

As mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s judgment day arrives, it is time now for her co-collaborators to be brought to justice suggests Matthew Steeples.

As mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s judgment day arrives, it is time now for her co-collaborators to be brought to justice suggests Matthew Steeples

Judgment day for Ghislaine Maxwell has finally and very deservedly arrived. In a New York courtroom at 11am local time, Judge Alison J. Nathan will hammer down sentence on this decidedly deviant daughter of a pension pot plunderer and likely send her off to a place where she’ll finish her rotten days.

Having encouraged her lawyers to use the word “victim” only four times (and four times to describe herself) in their 77-page submission in which she requested just 4 years as opposed to the 55 years sought by prosecutors, this arrogant to her core mucky madam will finally be forced to face up to reality.

Though her siblings – who now face further shame through the exposure of their links to their having used dodgy La Hogue and Panamanian trusts to likely hide assets to which they were never even entitled – continue to bleat about her conditions, the fact that croaked paedophile Jefffey Epstein’s one-time lover has been shown as a liar is evident of the fact that she deserves a prison term in the upper limit of the guidelines suggested.

Miss Maxwell participated in the forging of photographs whilst on the run and used fake names also, she lied about her assets and wealth when arrested and didn’t even bother to tell her so-called beloved brothers and sisters about her 2016 marriage to Scott Borgerson. She lied also when claiming to be suffering from malnutrition – she weighed 146 pounds when first incarcerated, she weighs 144.5 pounds now – and she lied in suggesting her hair had fallen out.

Today represents a chance for victims to have their voices heard and today, though the grubby groper will most definitely appeal, should be the last time that Ghislaine Maxwell is ever heard. This evil piece of toerag should but won’t realise that she’s done the crime; it is now time for her to do the time and it is now time for her co-collaborators to be brought in.

In times past, the deranged daughter of ‘The Bouncing Czech’ lived the life of luxury with her then lover. Between them this mucky madam and her Ponzi scheming partner travelled the world, conned, schemed and manipulated hundreds of people – some more famous than others.
Was Melania Trump trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein given his jet was known for going to the part of the world she where she came from? Will President Donald Trump ever be asked any questions about his involvement with the croaked paedophile and his co-collaborator Ghislaine Maxwell?
Helicopters and submarines were a major part of the scheme of, quite frankly, two of the most evil and cunning people on this planet. The address book was Ghislaine Maxwell’s, the ability to con was the skill of her co-collaborator. The former was the chief, the latter was the functionary.
If the batty verging on bonkers Eleanor Berry is to be believed, here is a woman who replaced her familial abuser with a wealthy and equally vile one. This is instead a case of a very well educated woman – now 60 – who was perfectly capable of making choices. Nobody forced her to go from supposed abuse victim to actual abuser. She deserves to spend the rest of her rotten life paying for this disgusting choice.
The now convicted sex offender now claims that her father’s abuse of her excuses her from her gruesome offences. She claims to want to be imprisoned in Britain to be nearer to her beloved siblings. She never even told them she married Scott Borgerson on her birthday on Christmas Day in 2016 until after her arrest in 2019. This is a woman most definitely contradictory and one that deserves the maximum of punishments.

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  • We all want these questions answered. I also.want answers about Senator Robert Menendez, President Clinton & others.There is a lovely portrait of Bill Clinton's hanging on Epstein is wall in a blue dress. I'm in no way attacking you here Mr Steeples. The leftist American media covers for the radical &violent left. We want answers about ALL involved. We only get one side.🙄😏🤐🤐🤐🤐😇

  • Well...there you have it. Twenty years and a hefty fine. Interesting statement to the court from Maxwell ..she will undoubtedly remain in an orbit all her own for the duration. What a saga we have all observed and fueled. Ill be watching whatever coverage follows ..and saying goodby to good ol Ghislaine( we hardly knew ya). Im sure she will be a high achiever in prison. Very impressive.....

  • Can't wait to hear she is sentenced to 55 years or more! Thanks for keeping us abreast, Matthew.

  • Now we know she got 20 years, which is 6 months longer than sentencing guidelines. I enjoyed her new fashion accessory, leg irons. She has been seen wearing them before, along with federal bracelets.

  • Maxwell received 20 years, a fair sentence. Classy Charles is proving how relatable the royals are: (Guardian, 6/28/22) "How PC pressured ministers to change laws to benefit his estate." Betty taught him well. (Newsweek 9/21)"Queen lobbied the UK government on 4 occasions to benefit monarchy's interest." She lobbied to hide her enormous wealth from the poor blokes that pay for it. No political role? Senior royals work about 85 days per years compared to about 253 days for the average Brit. But these aren't full days,a typical royal engagement lasts from 45-60 minutes. Some NHS workers schedules consist of 12 hours shifts. Why are the lazy and unelected royals allowed to change laws the average bloke must lives with? What about their moral (PA) and ethical behavior (PC) is something we should emulate?

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