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Jeremy Clarkson to defect to SKY?

Matthew Steeples suggests Rupert Murdoch might provide the key to the next chapter in Jeremy Clarkson’s turbulent life


I spotted someone looking remarkably like Rupert Murdoch arriving in Chelsea Harbour in a Bentley last week. The purpose of his visit might now be easily explained: Could this media mogul have been visiting Rebekah Brooks with a view to recruiting her friend Jeremy Clarkson?


Better days are to come for Jeremy Clarkson
Rupert Murdoch provided indication of his plans for Rupert Murdoch in a tweet on Tuesday


Wednesday’s announcement by the BBC that they will not renew Clarkson’s Top Gear contract was rightly met with derision on Twitter. This great man is the biggest loss yet to a corporation that frankly doesn’t deserve to be funded by licence fee payers a moment longer.


Somewhat curiously, Rupert Murdoch himself took to Twitter on Tuesday to share his views about the matter. He commented:


“How stupid can BBC be in firing Jeremy Clarkson? Funny man with great expertise and huge following”.


Jeremy Clarkson’s unjust sacking will lead to only one thing: This national treasure will earn more elsewhere and he’ll take viewers with him wherever he goes. The BBC should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves and no doubt today the only person celebrating will be Rupert Murdoch.



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    • I don't think he would be able to be the same. I think the reason he works so well on the BBC and why the Top Gear spin-offs in other markets are not as successful is that they are all broadcast on advertising dependent networks - like Sky. He wouldn't be able to be as objective and feel free to critique things as openly as he can on the BBC if sponsorships/ad revenue might be threatened.

      This is the main reason Jay Leno declined to host the US version of Top Gear if I recall correctly.

      • Get rid of these three useless icons! The BBC & Clarkson and Elton John! And Great Britain will be a great place to live in again. We got rid of one he's name is Cliff Richard.

    • The BBC are a national disgrace and I truly hope this Clarkson debacle will be the final nail in it's coffin.

      • What are you talking about? Clarkson is a bullying oaf. Had it been any other presenter caught attacking a junior staffer he would have been out of the door in moments. The BBC, for once, have done exactly the right thing.
        You need to stop smoking that stuff: it makes you even more addled.

      • Oh, for goodness sake....
        You must be either mad or stupid(probably both) to condone this bullying oaf's behaviour.
        Get a grip, woman and stop talking nonsense.

    • How about swapping Jeremy for Brunt? You know Brunt, the one who made a good name for himself over Brenda Leyland.
      In another direction I am reminded of Jeremy's trip to Argentina, the current political instability of Argentina's government and the Russian deal over beef. Yesterday the Gov. say they are beefing up the Falklands defences. Is there some sort of a connection?
      Jeremy should run for Parliament and have a stab at becoming Prime Minister.

    • Clarkson, Murdoch, RebeckUGH Brooks............?! God, I'm feeling severely nauseous !!! How nice if this drunken buffoon of a bully and the other two prime examples of human excrement would just take a VERY extended holiday.....
      I hear Guantanamo is fun at this time of the year.................

    • Allowing Clarkson to stay would be to condone violence and thuggery. Our civilisation is based on law and equality of all individuals before it. The BBC has a civilising mission despite what we may feel about its political and cultural biases. A telly show about cars weighs very lightly in the scales when we think about what is at stake.

      • I disagree. There are more intelligent ways of dealing with gross misconduct than sacking. Especially when that person earns you £50+ million pounds every year and pulls in the highest ratings worldwide on a continual basis. The BBC is funded by every one of us and they have a duty of care to make the most prudent and cost effective decisions. I wonder where they're going to find the £50+ million they have just thrown away? They're a business, not a moral compass.

        • Your logic is impeccably nonsensical.
          I own shares in plc's. If a senior member of any plc physically assaults a junior member I would expect him to be sacked without delay. Clarkson has issues around alcohol and is a liabilty. You have issues around lear thinking.

    • I am a bear of very little brain...... this said; I should have found out what odds William Hills and Ladbroke were quoting on this result........were Hills longer than Ladbroke it would have confirmed this result

      A pie in the face or a smack in the mouth concentrates the mind like nothing else *

      * Alan Partridge, Brant ( Yuk ) and Brunt please take note...........

    • You now know that I'm stupid; so stupid that I have overlooked the world's biggest ' Cult '...Wass. ..what a cult. ...

    • The reason he was sacked by the BBC was because he was to patriotic! And being proud of ones country is against the UN way of thinking! And also the EU way of thinking also.

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