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Don’t go

Boris Johnson is right to urge Conservatives not to defect to UKIP and Chris Kelly MP ought to heed his advice


UKIP is a very tempting proposition: They speak for millions when they complain about Europe and they sum up the feelings of many when they demand a stop to the free flow of immigrants into Britain. This movement’s success has been based upon popular policies but they are policies that they know will never need to be delivered. That is exactly why Boris Johnson was right to state that Tory MPs and MEPs allegedly considering defecting to this protest party are “utterly nuts”.


Mayor of London and Propsective Parliamentary Candidate Boris Johnson is right to salute Conservative MPs and MEPs sticking with the Tories

In a leader article for The Telegraph, Johnson suggests that “jumping into the arms of UKIP only helps Ed Miliband” and that “the sweet and beery enchantments of Nigel Farage” will just lead this country “off the edge and into the abyss”. He continues:


“There are only two people who are in a position to take the keys to Downing Street next May, and they are David Cameron or Ed Miliband. I know that you disagree vehemently with most of what Ed Miliband says and does – and so I must urge you not to allow the disaster of a Miliband premiership”.


Chris Kelly MP (right) is supposedly standing down to rejoin the business empire of his father Chris Kelly Sr. (left)

Meanwhile, yesterday, The Huffington Post reported that Chris Kelly MP – who is stepping down at the next election after just one term in Parliament – is also considering defecting to UKIP. In response, Nadine Dories MP stated:


“I do know this much, for definite because he’s my daughter’s boyfriend of four years – Chris Kelly will not be defecting, not if he ever wants another roast dinner from me again”.


I first came to know the MP for Dudley South in the late 1990s and despite finding his political views to be somewhat right of my own, respected his loyalty and enthusiasm for all things Conservative. He is a man who placed a 10,000/1 bet on becoming Prime Minister before 2038 and one who should know that his defection would only be to the benefit of Labour.


MPs Douglas Carswell and the appropriately named Mark Reckless have not only been traitors to their own party, they have also let down the nation. This dastardly duo will thankfully soon be forgotten but those that believe UKIP will be anything other than a contemporary Referendum Party are, indeed, nothing other than bonkers. I urge Chris Kelly not to follow them over the precipice.



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      • Chris Kelly should go. He's just a right-wing axeman and he's not a true Tory. His father thought they could buy their way into the club and despite chucking a few million at it, they've got nowhere.

    • The Tory Party, as currently constructed, is dying.
      Membership has plummeted whilst UKIP's soars. Who wants to stay in a party currently close to resembling a corpse.
      David Cameron will go down in history as the man who changed the political landscape of this country.....and I don't mean in any way that could be conceived as positive.

      Cameron, and Cameron alone, is entirely responsible for the establishment of UKIP.
      Everything about the man is juvenile.
      It was all summed up in a comment he made the other day to a bee keeper he met on one of his embarrassing
      ' meet the people' events...." will your honey make me better in bed".
      For a PM to make such a vapid and puerile 'joke' beggars belief.

      UKIP is here to stay and the Tory Party needs to come to an accommodation...... fast.

    • Agreed - if the Conservative Party don't do a deal with UKIP we will get a Labour/LibDem government. With disastrous consequences for all.

    • Unless Conservatives tackle seriously the pressing immigration ,asylum , NHS and other thorny issues and stop bowing to PC brigades , I can well imagine why parliamentarians and voters feel inclined to align with UKIP. I would too.

      • Mariathena
        I could not agree more. This sneering at UKIP supporters is just so dangerous: it alienates vast segments of the population. For them, the fact Farage enjoys caravan holidays in Europe is not a defect; it's a positive advantage.
        I have met Farage twice. What struck me about him was the abundance of common sense and the fact he did just hear what one had to say, but actually listened. Gove has that same quality.

    • A Labour/Liberal Democrat Government will be a tragedy. Two frogs leading the country, and with the help of pathological liar Alistair Campbell they could spin themselves in for at least two terms. Remember we have very gullible and naive voting public, they believed Tony Blair.........

      • About what? His base and puerile joke regarding vacuum cleaners and UKIP?

        If I were an intelligent Tory Party supporter(and I suppose you assume you are intelligent) I would be a bit worried that you will lose even more support to UKIP: Johnson is just a music hall act.

    • Who cares? Chris Kelly was always the kind of Tory Boy you wouldn't want at a drinks party. He used to go out with Victoria Pattinson - the brother of Robert Pattinson - and now he's with Nadine Dorries. What a step downwards. Who next? White Dee's daughter (if she has one)?

    • The only time I met Chris Kelly he struck me as being rather arrogant but a keen and energetic candidate. Well you would be if you had been given his opportunities at such an early stage of life. His departure is still a mystery to me.

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