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Owners of the G-Wiz are an illogical breed of motorists


The G-Wiz is undoubtedly my least favourite car but this week on seeing an image taken by Khaled Khawaja of one and then taking another myself in a similar context, I realised drivers of such vehicles are truly the most ludicrous individuals.


The G-Wiz is a vehicle made by an Indian firm named Reva. It was designed in California and is exempt from standard vehicle testing because it is classified as a quadricycle due to its low weight and limited power. Owners do not have to pay road tax and amongst those who have purchased them are Jonathan Ross, Bamber Gascoigne and Kirstin Scott-Thomas. According to the GoinGreen website, over 1,400 such contraptions have been sold in the UK alone. Given, what happened to a scientist named Judit Nadal when her G-Wiz “crumpled and imploded” in an accident that resulted in her death in October 2010, I find this most worrying.


The G-Wiz that Judith Nadal died in

Mrs Nadal’s G-Wiz was hit at low speed by a Skoda and though she was not wearing a seatbelt and had been on her mobile phone, the coroner at the inquest stated that the other driver was not to blame. That, equally, the Department for Transport found “serious safety concerns” after carrying out crash tests on a G-Wiz in 2007 shocks me even more.


Khaled Khawaja’s and my own image show G-Wiz cars parked in the same way in Belgravia and Mayfair. Both picture this stupid car parked facing the pavement whilst acres of empty spaces surround them. Another shot I took a while back is of a G-Wiz in Milner Street, Chelsea. In it, the owner’s irresponsible attitude is clearly shown. That this fool left the vehicle’s power charging cable across the pavement plainly shows that this stupid person has no concern for tripping passers by over.


The G-Wiz photographed by Khaled Kawaja in Elizabeth Street Belgravia
The G-Wiz photographed by Matthew Steeples in Albermarle Street Mayfair
This Milner Street resident has no concern for the safety of those walking past his house

The worst thing about the G-Wiz? Chris Huhne is said to have been a convert to the vehicle. Now I know that, my longstanding belief has been confirmed. This nasty little death trap needs taking off the road.



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