Cut The Conspiracy Claptrap – Crazy Theories About The Deaths Of Her Majesty The Queen And Jeffrey Epstein Should Be Called-Out As Being As Crazy As They Are

Matthew Steeples suggests that the crazy conspiracy claptrap that has followed in the wake of the death of Her Majesty The Queen and the ongoing nonsense that circulates online about Jeffrey Epstein is exactly that; crazy claptrap.

Matthew Steeples suggests that the crazy conspiracy claptrap that has followed in the wake of the death of Her Majesty The Queen and the ongoing nonsense that circulates online about Jeffrey Epstein is exactly that; crazy claptrap

The death of Her Majesty The Queen has shockingly been accompanied by trolls – surprisingly amongst them a Carnegie Mellon University professor named Uju Anya – making vile comments on Twitter suggesting the otherwise much loved by everyone else monarch to be head of a “genocidal empire” and someone who deserved an “excruciating” death.


Whilst this poison was deservedly condemned by amongst others billionaire Jeff Bezos with one word “wow,” that the footballer turned radio pundit Trevor Sinclair thought it appropriate to follow up with: “Why should black and brown mourn?” was beyond shocking. Who on earth do these people – and people with platforms also – think they are and why on earth would they use such a moment to seek to behave like David Icke, for example?


On Facebook it was even worse. Crackpot crazy conspiracy theorists reveled at the news and some even suggested that the “bloodsucking” Queen never actually met Liz Truss (as they believe she died months ago and also questioned the respective heights of King Charles’s mother and the new Prime Minister) at Balmoral last Tuesday. Here, at a moment when most of the world grieved a glorious and remarkable lady, the laughable became lunatics but thankfully their vile nonsense was subsequently called out for what it truly is; nothing but vile and nothing but nonsensical.


“We ALL know the QUEEN’S been dead for a while now… [They] are preparing/Staging for Operation London Bridge is Falling down. There are other Darker schemes inside the Death of one of the world’s most powerful Deep State royal placed systems to COLLAPSE” claimed one Facebook user on 8th September 2022. The same QAnon conspiracy theorist user ludicrously referenced the conspiracy theorist favourite term “white hats” also unsurprisingly. Of it Politifact – which operates with the agenda “we stand up for the facts” – sensibly surmised: “We rate this claim Pants on Fire!”


Elsewhere last week, Lisa Hagen wrote for NPR – the independent, non-profit media organisation that aims to “create a more informed public” – about how “conspiracy theories about Jeffrey Epstein keep flourishing” in spite of his death three years ago in 2019. “His ghost still wanders the dark halls of the Internet,” she opined before turning to theories about “Epstein-related yarn-spinning” that tie in amongst other things Donald Trump, anti-Semitism and “imagined satanic cabals.”


For some Epstein is still alive (highly unlikely), for others he was “suicided” (quite possible and more likely) and for others (if you believe the established narrative) this mendacious monster simply killed himself knowing his days were numbered.


As I have myself repeatedly said, Epstein was an evil man and it was inevitable that he met a sticky end. There is possible conspiracy in that, but that not a single person he and his mucky madam cohort Maxwell sex trafficked women to has not been brought to justice is not a conspiracy, it is, in fact, an outrage and one that still must be corrected.


Whilst the truth can sometimes be stranger than fiction and the handling of the sordid sagas of Epstein and Maxwell most definitely has resulted in many questioning how powerful elites can and are protected, the claptrap that has followed the end of the life of ‘the grandmother to the nation if not the world’ must be treated with the very disdain it truly deserves.


Long live the truth and God save the King.


Pictured top – The late, great Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at a cabin on her Balmoral estate in Soctland (left) and the late, anything but great Jeffrey Epstein and his wicked wastrel cohort Ghislaine Maxwell sitting on the deck at the same cabin on a separate occasion. Naturally, crackpots have all sorts of stupid theories about this pure coincidence.


Some online have argued that the photograph of the then monarch and her new Prime Minister on Tuesday was a fake. These people have clearly been on the hooch and are clearly crackpot crazy.
The tweets of the disgracefully ‘blue ticked’ by Twitter Ugu Anya were utterly outrageous in the death of the Queen. This professor speaks for no one and her attention seeking diatribe deserves to be condemned as poisonous and pathetic. Shame on this scumbag and shame on Carnegie Mellon University for not firing her.
Though it is quite plausible that the Ponzi schemer paedophile Epstein did not kill himself but was actually murdered in his cell, those that believe him still to be alive take it utterly too far.

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