Calling for a Coup

Calling for a Coup – Britain needs a revolution – Matthew Steeples suggests the mess that is currently Britain needs a wake-up call and it needs a coup.

Matthew Steeples suggests the mess that is currently Britain needs a wake-up call and it needs a coup


It’s all David Cameron’s fault: There was no need for him to call a referendum on leaving the EU and all that has resulted – in the wake of him walking away in the most cowardly fashion – has been a tragedy for our once great country.


Stranded now in the land of limbo, Britain faces a situation, as reported today on the Mail Online, of a wishy-washy “Canada-style” deal with Europe. This represents an example of the politics of division and the politics of non-practicalities; it will result in nothing but further mess and nothing but additional chaos.


With the “enfant terrible” and bully boy Arron Banks rightly facing an investigation for effectively having funded the campaign that caused what will basically bankrupt Britain with foreign funds, it is now time for something else. Even he thinks that we should now remain in the EU but what Britain actually really needs is new leadership and it needs it now: It’s no longer time for Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn, it’s time to get the tanks on the lawn and it’s time for a coup.


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Referendum cheat Arron Banks
Communist cretin Jeremy Corbyn
G4S profiteers Philip and Theresa May
Smug coward and all round prat David Cameron


  1. You are wrong!!!!!!!! As per bloody!!!!!!!!!!! Britain needs Brexit and BRITAIN NEEEDS BREXIT NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!! Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F**k the EU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And well done Teresa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Limbo is our state and Matthew accurately points out the perpetual state of inertia that crippled the country … time for collective action on the last two years of inaction

  3. Only weak government needs referendums, and Cameron had that weakness. Brexit was steered by fraud and lawlessness and split the country in two because while one side says it won the other tiny minority says it was wrong. A referendum is just a poll and has no legal standing and the politicos could have stated -“Thanks for your opinion but the margins are too narrow and we have decided to remain in the EU”. They tried to impose and along came Gina Miller. Now these inept tossers are heading for political disgrace and May should head back to the cornfield and take the traitor, and terrorist supporter, Corbyn with her.


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