Bring back Clarkson

Bring back Clarkson

The BBC are wrong to have suspended Jeremy Clarkson


Jeremy Clarkson might be a bit of a buffoon and that he hangs around with Rebekah Brooks and David Cameron is perhaps a little grating to the masses. That he went a little bit far with his antics in Argentina might indeed have been a little much but in suspending him, all the BBC have achieved is to set his name trending on Twitter.


‘The Steeple Times’ joins with those backing Jeremy Clarkson
That Tommy Sheridan is anti-Clarkson is enough to make even his most vehement critic swap horses
And equally that Clarkson knocked Ed Miliband off the news agenda is enough to make one want to celebrate him


Though the majority came out in support of the presenter after he got into a bit of a fracas with a producer, the mere fact that the obnoxious mouthpiece Tommy Sheridan took against him should be enough to make any rational individual side with Clarkson. Sheridan tweeted:


“Pathetic storm over suspension of over-paid, over-rated reactionary tosser. To borrow from him ‘take him out and shoot him’”.


As another user rightly commented: “Top Gear is not Top Gear without Clarkson”. The BBC ought to cancel their suspension of Jeremy Clarkson.





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    1. How very dare you support this idiotic and offensive man. You haven’t backed Find Madeleine and you support campaigns like this. What is wrong with you? You ought to support dear Gerry and Kate McCann in their efforts to find their beloved daughter Madeleine? What is wrong with you? SUPPORT FIND MADELEINE. Shame on you.

      • Oh don’t you fuss yourself so much,I am sure they will dig her up somewhere eventually Mrs Trott, but the burning question is what will you do with all your spare time then?

    2. Buggers Broadcasting Communism is not the place for a man of Jeremy’s stature. He should defect to Channel 5 and take up with Richard Desmond.

      • Desmond? Are you mad? He gives the Jewish people a rotten reputation. But then I remember the elegant, refined Jewish industrialists of twenty years ago.Men like Weinstock, Max Joseph, Lord Rayne et al.
        I can tell you these gentleman would have had nothing to do with a vile dealer in soft porn

    3. Trust elitists like you to back w**kers like Clarkson. You are part of the 1% that attack heroines like Dame Vivienne Westwood. Why can’t you people not see the wood for the trees? Get with the agenda and accept that Clarkson is just a t***pot like his mates Rebekah Brooks, David Cameron, Rupert Murdoch, Elisabeth Murdoch, Matthew Freud, etc.

    4. Clarkson sometimes amuses me with his boorish, oafish, disrespectful and totally non-PC comments and behaviour. I have a tendency to like anyone of the likes of Paxman, Parrish and Humphreys who sometimes kick against the sanctimonious, self-important ‘Biased Broadcasting Corporation’.

      But, now, seeing Clarkson being dumped upon by Gillian Trotters has ensured he gets my total support!

      (Incidentally, what would this organ do without the emissions of the puerile Gillian Squitters?)

      • It was acceptable to roughly remove a 82 year old man who heckeld Jack Straw at a Labour conference regarding the Iraq war. It is a allegation in Clarkson’s case.

    5. #TeamClarkson

      Gillian Trott/Pamela Gurney – have you not been banged up yet for your unholy obsession with the McCann family?

    6. Oh dear I Liked Steeple Times so very recently but it hasn’t lasted long. Can’t support someone who chooses to back a man who had a paddy and actually hit a producer is extraordinary. Farewell.

    7. Top gear [ and for that read Clarkson ] has a following of three hundred million viewers…….. nearly the population of America; so one assumes that people like him……

      Were he to stand against the entire phalanx of Chuka Umunna / Ed’s Miliband and Balls; he would blow them away

      Perhaps he might inspire enough back bone to get people to stand up and be counted, because that’s what is needed here

      • I agree and have signed the petition.I trust Jeremy Clarkson’s judgment when it comes to thumping people. The last ghastly individual he decked was that smug self-obsessed captain of the gutter press Piers Morgantroll. Anyone with the good sense to do that gets my unwavering support.

        • How can you support this boring oafish excuse for a human? He has no decency and is even friends with Rebekah Brooks.

    8. You do not hit or bully junior staff-especially when you have had, as the Irish say, ‘a drop taken’.
      It’s the sort of bullying found in shitty minor public schools: like the one Clarkson attended.


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