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Booking Maxwell – Ghislaine Maxwell To Pen Memoir

Booking Maxwell – Ghislaine Maxwell To Pen Memoir

Matthew Steeples asks: “Is it acceptable for mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell to profit from her crimes in penning a memoir?”

Given her deviant daddy ‘Cap’n Bob’ was the head honcho of Pergamon Press as well as being the pugnacious proprietor of the Mirror Group, convicted criminal sex abuser Ghislaine Maxwell has long had connection with world of publishing.


Now, with news that in spite of being banged up in a Florida clink for her heinous and morally repugnant acts against young ladies, is to pen a memoir, three questions emerge. Those questions:



Speaking to Newsweek earlier this week, Kate Mangells, a partner at the Kinsella, Holley, Iser, Kump, Steinsapir Attorneys firm in Los Angeles observed that attempts to stop people profiting from their crimes have not been successful. She remarked: “There have been legislative attempts to restrict this ability, but they have largely been ruled unconstitutional.”


The criminal defence lawyer and partner in the firm added:


“In the 1970s, following the Son of Sam killings in New York City, the New York legislature passed a law known as the Son of Sam Law to restrict a convicted criminal’s ability to profit off of selling their story. But this law, and similar laws in other states, has been found to be in violation of free speech rights under the First Amendment.”


“There are some state laws setting forth rules related to notifying victims about potential compensation, but they do not entirely restrict a convicted person from profiting. So, Maxwell can legally benefit financially from telling or selling her story.”


Clearly still delusional and deranged to her core (just like her late pension pot plundering papa), here is evidence of only one thing; the continuing arrogance of the rotten-to-her-core reprobate Ghislaine Maxwell. Shame on her, but shame also on a system that allows such.


Pictured top – Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein kept a “rule book” for staff at the thankfully now wrecking ball visited Palm Beach mansion they often shared. It featured instructions such as “see nothing, hear nothing” and yet now this mucky madam thinks it appropriate to write a tell-all memoir; that would have totally unacceptable in 2004 and it is most definitely unacceptable in 2024.


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