Troll Off – Bog Off, F**k Off, Do One, Jog On & Go Away

Matthew Steeples enthuses about telling online trolls supporting Ghislaine Maxwell and the Duchess of Sussex to “bog off” given their intense dislike for such.

Matthew Steeples enthuses about telling online trolls supporting Ghislaine Maxwell and the Duchess of Sussex to “bog off” given their intense dislike for such

This week, aside from bizarrely being informed that Ghislaine Maxwell is to be lauded as “a God” on Twitter and then trolled by the suggestor, yesterday another user got het up when I told them to “bog off” when they bombarded me with nonsense telling me off for not being supportive of the mendacious menace formerly known as Meghan Markle.


Responding with a poll on social media, I decided to ask the Twitterati what they viewed as an acceptable alternative to this way of saying “go away” this morning. Thus far, whilst the majority of the 100 plus respondents have suggested sticking with my favoured option, others have plumped for the more offensive “f**k off” as the way to answer these nuisances.


“Go away,” itself and “do one” have been joined by the truly, in my humble opinion, ghastly and grubby “jog on.” I examined what we called “a phrase that should be consigned to history” in August 2011 and pointed to it having first become prominent in The Football Factory film about football hooliganism.


Going further, at that time, I added:


“This awful insult got wider use in recent days after a mother from Salford used it in response to someone who criticised her defence of rioters looting stores in a BBC interview. This oik-ish woman and her Kappa clad son are unfortunately not alone in their use of this dreadful way of telling someone to ‘f*** off.’”


“On a trailer for another BBC show this morning I heard a dwarf utter it when describing how he responds when people look at him. It appears that there aren’t many places that this choice phrase of the underclass is not now used. In this vein, that Sally Bercow, the speaker’s wife, applies it when replying to negative tweets about her husband is not at all surprising.”


“’Jog on’ even gets abbreviated sometimes to ‘JTFO,’ which according to urbandictionary.com ‘adds an element of gusto and offence, for those times when the simplicity of the original phrase just don’t relay your feelings as fully and emphatically as they could.’”


“Those using the insult are even given notes actions to accompany it on one site: ‘The phrase mentioned must be preceded by raising the fore finger and middle finger to create a ‘V’ sign to the recipient. This should be followed by a movement to the side with a clenched fist and thumb extended in the direction of the movement.’”


“On Facebook there is even a group named ‘The ‘Jog On’ Appreciation Society.’ Fortunately, it only has 15 members and thankfully their aim to ‘get the phrase into the Oxford English’ doesn’t seem to have garnered much support.”


“I very much hope the phrase ‘jogs off’ into oblivion. Sadly, though, I suspect it’ll still be jogging around for some time yet.”


What’s your view? Should trolls be told to “bog off,” “go away,” “f**k off” or “jog on”? I welcome your views in the comments section below and your votes in our Twitter poll.


The response I gave to the aforementioned troll. In it, I told @Corkynut316: “You are clearly deranged and do not understand language. Go and buy yourself a dictionary. It’d give you hours of pleasure.”
Informal, British slang for “go away,” here is the perfect way to make clear one’s feelings to trolls online.
A 2006 definition suggests my favoured choice is used by people “too posh to swear” and adds: “It is thought, by most cool enough people to be the single worst way to tell people to go away.”
Merged into one word, it is also a description for when you can “buy one, get one free” in retail environments.
My favoured option has even been used on CBBC programmes so clearly is viewed acceptable by ‘Auntie.’ The ‘Urban Dictionary’ references it as “prominently used as a phrase in ‘The Story of Tracy Beaker.’”
T-shirts declaring “Bog Off Boris” are available to buy online as are wall prints. The many that loathe the buffoon Prime Minister Johnson would do well to purchase them.

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  • I love "bog off" and will now be using it whenever such occasions warrant it. Being American I'd never heard it before but I immediately knew what it meant.

  • As a Septuagenarian, I think you should say it however the hell you want! Your fans love you the way you are. Go get em,kick ass!

  • "Go away and evolve as the rest of the human species has done How did you miss out by the way? "
    Not that these morons would understand :)
    Have you checked out the twollz regarding Katie Price who see her as some iconic goddess and Earth Mother when in reality it's a cheap two-bit past-it old tramp desperately clinging to a long-gone "career"of showing off it's plastic bits?

    There it is is the media blasting "Twollz" for having a go at her when she's in the self-same media slagging off her ex-husbands and their partners, sending poison-pen letters and hurling insults over Insta at them along with the myriad of other escaped blokes. Pots 'n kettle dear :)

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