Bog Off Brexit

Bog Off Brexit – Matthew Steeples & Gina Miller at People’s Vote March – Matthew Steeples reports on his experiences at the People’s Vote March in London.

Matthew Steeples reports on his experiences at the People’s Vote March in London


Yesterday, sporting a Michael Portillo style shirt and a ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ sticker for comedy value, I joined the nigh on 700,000 people at the People’s Vote March in Central London.


Though I expected to ‘march’  alongside my friends Gina and Alan Miller, we actually found ourselves in a somewhat chaotic ‘shuffle.’ Police and organisers, it seemed, could not cope with the numbers – only 100,000 had been expected – but the atmosphere was jovial yet focused on the gathering’s aim.


I met people who’d traveled from places as diverse as Australia, Brussels and Rotherham and I must say some of the placards were brilliant. Ranging from the witty ‘No Deal Means Gucci Will Be More Expensive’ to the plain but clear ‘Brexit? More Like Brexshit,’ attendees got creative. Whilst a woman appeared dressed in a somewhat sexually provocative police costume with a poster claiming: ‘Political Sensitivities My Arse @MetPoliceUK Don’t Let Vote Leave Criminals Off The Hook,’ I also spotted a Boris Johnson lookalike waving and even a poor woman stranded on Park Lane in her G-Wagen.


Overall, though ‘The One Armed Bandit’ did not get to actually hear the speeches from the likes of Deborah Meaden and Delia Smith, I thought the event a success. At least 670,000 – a number larger than the population of Britain’s fifth largest city – made their opinions known and it is now jolly well time Theresa May listened.


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  1. But what about the MAJORITY who voted to leave, who were fed up with e.g. the Fisheries, Agricultural, Trading policies, daft decisions of the European Courts, potential loss of individual country status …. why hasn’t Mrs May listened to THEM and got on with doing as she was mandated by the people to do? Democracy isn’t easy…..

  2. Ridiculous march!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ban it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring on Brexit —– Britain will prosper!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send in the Wrecking Ball!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brexit now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Theresa May is too weak to deliver —- Boris Johnson needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It appears that the will of the people was important UNTIL they discovered they had been lied to.

    Anyway, its such a disorganised shitshow, it will never happen.


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