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Editorial comment from Matthew Steeples Our editor tells it like it is and he rarely minces his words

Bog Off Brazen Boris

Matthew Steeples suggests Boris Johnson proroguing parliament is an outrage; he comes out in support of the High Court challenge by Gina Miller – who is elsewhere backed by James Stunt

We previously warned that 2019 could be a worse year for our monarch than 1992 and now that prediction seems ever truer. Not only did the Queen have her holiday interrupted for a visit by the Evelyn Waugh-esque horror that is Jacob Rees-Mogg yesterday, but now she’s facing a knock on the door from the Commie terror Jeremy Corbyn. The poor woman must be exasperated.


With the populace asking: “What is the point of the monarchy?” after our head of state approved Boris Johnson’s frankly disgraceful proroguing of Parliament, one decent lady has again come to the fore – businesswoman and campaigner Gina Miller. In challenging not just the act of what Johnson has done, but challenging – as she herself said– the “intention and effect” in the High Court, Miller brings yet again sense where there is most definitely chaos.


Those protesting on the streets mean well and they are right to be out there shouting “stop the coup” and getting “outraged.” They are wisely backed by elder statesmen such as Dominic Grieve QC MP and Lord Hesletine and after his performance on this morning’s Today programme, Ken Clarke yet again appears to be the man who needs to be our emergency caretaker PM.


Speaking to John Humphries, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer remarked: “Nobody expected such outrageous conduct. We’re being told blatant lies.” He went on: “It terribly silly we give priority to the fundraising circus that is the party conference season at this time of national disarray… MPs should instead be getting involved in the realities of government.”


“Blustering Boris is obviously planning for an election of ‘us’ vs. the ‘foreigners’ and the ‘people’ vs. Parliament.’ His plan is wrong. Sorting out Brexit will take a year or two still and the only way of healing this will be some form of ‘soft Brexit’ or a second referendum.”


Elsewhere on YouTube last night, businessman James Stunt surprisingly spoke out against Johnson’s move also. He named Gina Miller as a “hero” and called out the “bully boys who bully a woman who puts her money where her mouth is.” In criticising the likes of Rupert Murdoch, Isabel Oakeshott, Viscount Rothermere, Richard Tice MEP and the Conservative Way Forward fundraiser Simon Winters OBE, he highlighted others who’ve helped set us on this tragic path, but his most sensible point was this: “I cannot see any upside to [Brexit] apart from fearmongering. [Johnson’s] decision is a criminal action.”


James Stunt is right and now it is time for rightminded people to join The Steeple Times today in backing Gina Miller’s legal action. It is time for rationality and reason; it is time this country got rid of ‘BoJo’ and it is time we once and for all got rid of Brexit.


Donate to support Gina Miller’s efforts by clicking here.

Join the 1.3 million people who have already signed the ‘Do not prorogue Parliament’ petition by clicking here.

#BollocksToBrexit #NoToBoris #YesToEurope #ExitBrexit

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9 comments on “Bog Off Brazen Boris”

  1. Gina Miller is doing the right thing and James Stunt has said the right thing also. We have to stop this — before it is too late.

  2. I made the mistake of voting for Brexit. I am a pensioner and now I know I was lied to by Johnson and Farage I am disgusted. They have stolen our democracy and I know I helped them on their way. No more. I will be going to Parliament Square this afternoon to join the protests.

  3. Brexit is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!! Prorogue your Parliament for good!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kick out the idiot dumbasses who support Remain and scum immigrants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Burn down the mosques!!!!!!!!!!!! Do what we did Down Under and kill the scum who’ve wrecked your once great country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trump and Boris ———- BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!! Send the immigrants back on the boats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wow. It is a sign of how far we have come and just how much time has passed that the ‘remainers’ are accusing the goverment of circumventing the will of the people.

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