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Editorial comment from Matthew Steeples Our editor tells it like it is and he rarely minces his words

Birthday Bigots

Matthew Steeples suggests the ‘Daily Mail’ simply conformed to type in attacking James Stunt on his birthday


‘The Daily Fail’ is always capable of conforming to type. In deciding to attack James Stunt on his very own birthday, this cowardly rag went too far.


That they alleged that a successful businessman couldn’t afford to pay rent of £19,000 on a shitty premises in Sheffield is about as ridiculous as a bailiff’s letter turning up at your aunt’s house alleging £932 is owed when she’s a bit dotty about dealing with her paperwork.


James Stunt, as he suggests in a 7:06 minute video uploaded to YouTube in response, is not facing what tomorrow’s chip papers calls “BANKRUPTCY” (emphasised, in Daily Mail style, in capital letters) and on this very day they should not have mentioned his sadly dead brother. He is a gentleman who is prospering and he is one who’ll soon show that paper’s proprietor Viscount Rothermere to be the scumbag he truly is.


Watch the following video and learn a few facts.


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16 comments on “Birthday Bigots”

  1. James Stunt is a perfect target for a rag that is owned that once ran an article by the then Viscount Rothermere (Harold Harmsworth) that was headlined: “Hurrah for the Blackshirts!” I rest my case.

  2. Jonathan Harmsworth deserves to be stripped of his title and put in the stocks. Rotten tomatoes should be hurled at this peddler of lies.

  3. Attacking a man on his birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What’s wrong with that paper????????? And mentioning James Stunt’s dead brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SICK!!!!!!!!!!! The author of that article should not have tomatoes thrown at them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They should be stoned —— TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I thought The Daily Nazi couldn’t stoop any further into the sewer – well, now, I see it truly did. Yet more non-news from this substitute for toilet paper.

  5. James Stunt should be left alone. He is not a public figure and since I’ve not seen that convoy of cars going round anymore, he plainly is not seeking out attention of any kind. Stop harassing and hounding him Daily Mail.

  6. The Mail’s Nick Fagge is a very bad journalist. He was criticized at the Leveson Inquiry for his conduct. Plainly this lazy man could not find anything else to write about. Pathetic.

  7. Chip paper- Is that not a rather lofty position to hold. I wouldn’t even rip it up into little squares and hang it from string in my privy.

  8. If the journalist had only used publicly available information about the financial matters, that would be fine but that they instead focused on the death of James’ brother is disgusting. Shame on Nick Fagge.

  9. Rumour has it that Rottensmeare’s birthday is December 3rd. I’d like to present him with a triptych in acrylic (he doesn’t deserve oils). One end panel will be a painting of his father, Vere dying from a heart attack at a lavish dinner setting. The centre panel will be a life size painting of granddaddy, Harold shaking hands with Hitler and the other end panel will be an unflattering, nude portrait of Jonathon, himself!

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