Saturday, January 23, 2021

An Imagined Engagement


EXCLUSIVE – James Stunt corrects entirely invented rumours of his supposedly having become engaged


On Saturday, Matthew Steeples, editor of The Steeple Times, dined at C London with his friend James Stunt and an actress named Samantha Rowley.


Businessman Mr Stunt had previously dined with Miss Rowley on several occasions in the company of friends but ridiculously publications including the Mail on Sunday and The Sun have both bizarrely produced articles suggesting that the duo are “engaged.”


Herewith, speaking exclusively to The Steeple Times, Mr Stunt responds: “I categorically deny that I am romantically involved with Samantha. We met through one of my oldest friends and his fiancée and though she is a delightful lady, we are not engaged. That is all.”


Speaking of the ridiculous non-story, Matthew Steeples adds: “That a newspaper is prepared to suggest that because a man sits at a table in a restaurant with a woman that they are ‘engaged’ is ludicrous. I myself sat with another friend’s girlfriend in another bar yesterday and on that basis, the very same publication could falsely accuse me of having an affair with her also.”


“It is extraordinary that James is unable to dine with others without being written about. The gutter press’ fascination with him is entirely disproportionate and surely it is time that the media focused on printing actual stories rather than simply inventing them.”


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  1. On the basis of the Mail’s story:

    “I sat at the next table to Theresa May in a restaurant yesterday so thus I must have been engaged to her.”

    S**t writing but what can you expect from that rag?

  2. Outrage should lead to protests in the streets agains the DAILY FAIL!! For Christ’s sake. How can this paper be allowed to continue to invent and invent and then invent a little bloody more???? It is bloody wrong and it is bloody boring. James Stunt should sue the bastards. Bring down these gormless fools. Bring them down now.

  3. James Stunt should tell Lord ROTTERMUCH to go f**K himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Disgraceful guttersnipe rag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dirty Bernie needs to stick to licking postage stamps. That’s all he’s fit for and his daughters look like they’re dressing in mail bags. Stunt is well rid.

  5. The Daily Mail seems to hate James Stunt, I’ll bet that has nothing to do with ol’Bernie (not).
    They should leave the man alone, for gods ask he’s almost the only celebrity not asking for handouts or freebees; he is spending real money here in the UK and needs some suport from the press not jeering lies and made up rubbish.

  6. This chap James Stunt needs to legally punish the media that publish this absolute rubbish and make that public. Then make then pay financially once and for all, its clearly personal and totally unjust.

  7. The false and negative stories printed by The Daily Mail/Fail against James Stunt only backfired – as we all came out to defend and support James. He has suffered the tremendous loss of his beloved brother and the breakdown of his marriage. Two extremely stressful events. Please leave this innocent man alone. We all know James as a decent man. We know his Truth. Such evil fools are Jonathan Hamsworth aka Discount Rothermere (cheap rag paper) and short forever Bernie (short in morals, values, as well as height. The joke is actually on them hahaha.


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