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Airing Clifford

Murky Max – Max Clifford’s toxic legacy lives on – Max Clifford’s toxic legacy lives on in the form of his equally mucky daughter and her firm Borne Media.

Matthew Steeples suggests that claims by PR people that Max Clifford wasn’t one of their number simply shows their ‘profession’ to be nothing but hot air


Max Clifford had a short penis and he was a paedophile. They are both facts but that most things this self-professed spinner of lies was associated with during his lifetime were fiction is for what he should truly be remembered.


Yesterday, in the wake of this abuser of victims aged as young as 14’s death on Sunday, the likes of Mark Borkowski, founder of public relations agency, attempted to distance their ‘industry’ their one-time poster boy. In describing the monster Clifford as being “not what we would call a PR man” and the emanator of the “early dawning of fake news,” PR people not only once illustrate that their trade is still badly regulated but also that so many of their tribe continue to spout nothing but hot air.


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Max Clifford on the day of his marriage to Jo Westward (they subsequently divorced) with (left to right) Theo Paphitis, Bobby Davro, Pauline Quirke and Des O’Connor; both Quirke and O’Connor supported him during his trial but neither have made public comment on his death
Daniella Westbrook, herself hardly a pinnacle of virtue, was one of the few ‘personalities’ (if she could be deemed such) to mourn the death of the child abuser Max Clifford
Louise Clifford claims (like her father used to) to be a PR professional; she operates an agency named Borne Media and counts many of her monster father’s clients as now her own


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