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A Divided Nation

Matthew Steeples suggests last night’s European Election results leads to only one conclusion as to how we can move forward

Last night, the Conservative Party suffered its worst defeat since 1832. It was no wonder that Theresa May quit as Prime Minister in advance and given Labour’s equally poor showing, they can hardly crow either.


Hilariously Tommy Robinson lost his deposit (and then unsurprisingly threw a temper tantrum, stormed out and tried to blame the press), UKIP leader Gerrard Batten got deservingly turfed out in London, and both BoJo’s sister Rachel Johnson and veteran journalist Gavin Esler failed to get elected for Change (or whatever the party that couldn’t even come up with a logo was called). Worse still, and God help us all, ‘Doris Karloff’ (AKA Ann Widdecombe) will now be off on her broomstick to the European Parliament as an MEP for the shadily funded operation that is The Brexit Party Ltd.


A Divided Nation – European Election results show how divided we are – Matthew Steeples suggests last night’s European Election results leads to only one conclusion as to how we can move forward.
The Lib Dems and The Brexit Party were the big winners of the night. Pictured here Catherine Beader of the Liberal Democrats and Nigel Farage of The Brexit Party Limited.
A Divided Nation – European Election results show how divided we are – Matthew Steeples suggests last night’s European Election results leads to only one conclusion as to how we can move forward.
Ann Widdecombe plainly did not visit a hairdresser prior to attending the South West count.
A Divided Nation – European Election results show how divided we are – Matthew Steeples suggests last night’s European Election results leads to only one conclusion as to how we can move forward.
Sky News analysed how the vote would split if simply ‘Remain’ and ‘Leave’ this morning

The more serious implications of this bizarre and unexpected election, however, is, as Sky News’ Adam Boulton pointed out this morning on his All Out Politics show, if all the ‘Remain’ supporting parties votes and all the ‘Brexiteers’ were combined into two blocks, the result would be 53% in support of ‘Remain’ and 46% for ‘Leave.’


Our nation, thus, plainly remains as divided as ever, but with both the Tories and Labour seeing they would be trashed at a General Election, that is likely now off the cards. The only option to break this deadlock remains clear: We need a Second Referendum and we need it now.


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  1. I’m not sure that the use (or should I say abuse) of the term ‘A Nation Divided’ is particularly helpful. It is a fact, no a reality, that after any election or referendum, there will be a a winner and there will be a loser. The term ‘A Nation Divided’ can be applied to the outcome of every single such even in our history. Sadly, England has followed the US model of abusing the term to mollify the losers. We’ve seen this ever since George Bush Jr. ‘stole’ the Presidency from Al Gore. Intriguingly, the term was not applied to Obama’s Presidency, suggesting that the abuse is largely a device in the leftie’s toolbox to parlay the defeat of their agenda into some sort of moral victory, call for action, and resistance. Simply put, the left cannot accept the results of the democratic process when it does not accord with their agenda. We’ve seen this ad nauseam with the election of President Trump. It’s beginning to wear thin. Same too with Brexit. The surprise result of the referendum was immediately challenged by the remain faction on the grounds that the electorate were lied to, misinformed, and fueled by far-right racism; echoing the leftie response to Trump’s presidency. Like it or not. the democratic process resulted in a decision to leave the EU. Get over it and get on with it. We cannot keep on challenging the democratic process whenever we are unhappy with the result. Frankly, the original reasons for joining the EEC have faded into obscurity and what was a sound, valid economic union transformed into a political union – one that does not suit England. Ms. May’s reticence at ‘delivering Brexit’ was reflective of her willingness to ignore the result of the referendum in favor of the self-serving interests of big business. She’s had her day for too long. Hopefully, her successor will follow the democratic process and leave the EU. And let’s be clear, there can be no partial Brexit. You are either in or out. The democratic process says out.

    • Joe, may I thank you for one of the only cogent comments to ever appear in the ST.
      Deep down, I have a suspicion that a chunk of Brexit Party voters did so not because they were necessarily leavers but because they are fed up with professional politicians. Onwards and upwards for the Brexit Party and may they scatter their foes before them. I am going to give more money to weaponise them for the General Election.

  2. Sadly those of us who know the consequences of leaving will lead to disaster are not united as a force. Leavers are afraid of the truth that people do not want the Brexit that was funded by criminals.

      • The news about their social media spending today is most curious, as is the investigation into this limited company’s spending.

        • curious that you never allude to the millions accepted by the Lib Dems from a fraudster…and their refusal to repay it to creditors.

          • I have criticised that in the past and I am a member of no political party. The Brexit Party Limited – a company – however is decidedly dodgy. Correlate their donations in their first hours of existence and web traffic during that period. It doesn’t add up and all being well, the Electoral Commission will work that out. More likely, these crooks will get away with their “activities” as will Boris Johnson.

  3. The Brexit Party is just Farage’s UKIP rebranded, and it performed similarly to how it did in 2014 (taking the votes from the current incarnation of UKIP in the process).

    Of course, its main advantage is the endless free publicity that the media always gives Farage to spout his BS unchallenged. Even last night, I noted that Sky News chose to broadcast Farage’s victory speech, but as soon as the Lib Dem winner (Catherine Bearder) took to the podium, the camera cut back to the studio.

    I personally rejoiced when Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) was trounced, losing his £5,000 deposit in the process. He’s not having much of a year, so far. He lost his court case against the police, got milkshaked on his disastrous campaign trail. He just needs to be sent back to prison in six weeks to make it a hat trick!

    Nonetheless, I do have to wonder if there is a grain of truth in amongst his complaints. He might not have won a seat, but would his vote numbers have been better if he hadn’t been banned from social media? And by the same token, would Farage’s numbers have been worse if he hadn’t been given so much attention prior to the election?

    That said, the Remain side really missed an opportunity with these elections. If, for example, the Greens had allied with the Lib Dems and put forward one candidate instead of splitting the vote, then I think the results would have been very different.

    As for TIG/Change UK – there was no point in them standing. I only found out yesterday that they were apparent pro-remain (after weeks of no policies on their website). Political oblivion beckons.

    • Ella’s cerebral comment…… “Of course, its main advantage is the endless free publicity that the media always gives Farage to spout his BS unchallenged” ……about a man who has rejigged the architecture of British politics in less than six weeks!
      She conveniently forgets that probably the D. Tel is the only MSM which has given any positive coverage.

      • Farage has not really “rejigged” anything in six weeks. He just moved his UKIP cronies onwards and into a new realm. He certainly succeeded quickly with his dodgy limited company, but its not that great a result given his old party simply transferred and the increase on vote share was minimal.

        • No, Matthew….wrong. Change UK tried re-jigging by migrating from Con and Lab and looked what happened? Nothing.
          On the other hand, Nigel dumped the UKIP lot quite publically and astringently. Yes, you hate Brexit but admit that what he and Tice of have achieved in a few weeks is nothing short of a miracle.

  4. Matthew, can I repeat the question?
    Have you met Nigel Farage or on what premise do you consider him a cretin?
    I surely have a right of reply…..

    • I have met Farage, yes. I found him obnoxious, rude and arrogant. He is devious and devise and I cannot stand his little Englander sentiments.

      • Well, I found him to be pleasant and interested. As for his Little Englander attributes his holidays are spent touring in France in his caravan! Hardly emblematic of a ‘Little Englander’….
        This curious idea that anyone who supports Brexit is somehow insular is really becoming quite tedious. I am married to a Japanese girl; was married to French lady have a German daughter in law and Franco-German-British grandchildren. I spend as much time as I can in France-a country I love and whose people I profoundly like. And in the SW of France there is a considerable dislike of the EU. I find many of my Brexit supporting friends equally love Europe and hate the EU. The EU is its own worst enemy. When one of Verhofstadt’s lickspittles talked of the UK as being like a ‘clapped out old car’ and would become an ‘EU colony’ we should be fearful. Funnily enough my French ex wife has a greater hatred of the EU than I.

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