Tone Deaf Dwarf – Skinflint Billionaire Bernie Ecclestone Curiously Claims He Can’t Hear In Court

Tone deaf Putin and Prince Andrew bestie Bernie Ecclestone’s claim that he couldn’t hear in court is yet more evidence that this dwarf-like billionaire is completely off-the-scale arrogant.

Tone deaf Putin and Prince Andrew bestie Bernie Ecclestone’s claim that he couldn’t hear in court is yet more evidence that this dwarf-like billionaire is completely off-the-scale arrogant

“I’m not ignoring you… I’m practicing selective hearing” is description used of individuals when they selectively choose to ignore anything they don’t want to actually hear. Clearly, at Westminster Magistrates’ Court yesterday, 91-year-old Bernie Ecclestone clearly practiced just such.


Speaking on behalf of this notorious skinflint and one of the few remaining friends of the non-sweating Duke of York during the short 5-minute hearing, Ecclestone’s barrister, Clare Montgomery QC, told chief magistrate Paul Goldspring that her client “was having problems hearing the proceedings.” He was thus allowed not to have sit in the dock. How terribly swell.


Responding on Twitter of a tone deaf, dwarf-like man his own daughters allegedly call ‘The Grinch,’ Matthew Steeples of The Steeple Times yesterday remarked:


“Bernie Ecclestone claimed he couldn’t hear when he appeared in court on a £400 million ($470 million, €474 million or درهم1.7 billion) fraud charge this morning. Strangely he hears whatever Putin and Prince Andrew have to say to him, yet he can’t hear prosecutors and a judge. Who on earth does this coffin dodger think he is?”


In spite of his ability to jet off anywhere on his private plane, Ecclestone was surprisingly granted unconditional bail by the judge before the next hearing at Southwark Crown Court on 19th September.


Meanwhile, elsewhere, in Leeds the trial of his ex-son-in-law James Stunt and 12 other defendants, relating to an alleged £266 million ($313 million, €315 million or درهم1.1 billion) money laundering and forgery ‘scam,’ has been ongoing since April. God only knows how much that has cost the nigh-on-empty public purse.


Both Stunt and Ecclestone deny the clearly very serious charges against them, but one thing’s for clear in all of this – millions in money has brought no kind of joy to either of these individuals.


Pictured top – The court sketch of the ex-F1 head honcho was anything but flattering and gave the impression of someone haggard who hadn’t slept in decades.


Yesterday, arriving at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, the 91-year-old – who curiously gave his address as being in Rutland Gate, Knightsbridge rather than Chelsea Square, Chelsea – looked like he hadn’t slept in decades or even bothered to have combed or washed his hair. The grey matter resembled, in fact, a decrepit bird’s nest.
In February 2020, ‘The Steeple Times’ reported on croaked paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s chum (and his wife Sarah, Duchess of York’s financial sponsor) Prince Andrew having Bernie Ecclestone over to Royal Lodge, Windsor to celebrate his birthday. Whether this man “with qualities that would make Leona Helmsley look generous” brought Sloppy Giuseppes from Pizza Express (Woking branch) for the bash remains still unknown.
At the 31st birthday party hosted for Naomi Campbell by her then lover Flavio Briatore on 19th May 2001 in St Tropez, France, Bernie Ecclestone (pictured top right) got to hang out on a gin palace with not only the since convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell but also the woman Prince Andrew paid £12 million to in spite of having never met – Virginia Roberts (now known as Virginia Giuffre). The now former F1 boss and alleged fraudster featured in the infamous address book credited to Epstein but most likely was actually a contact of the mucky madam Maxwell primarily.
The 91-year-old father of four and son of a Suffolk fisherman has most recently been quite rightly deservedly slammed for his support for the world’s worst living leader, President Vladimir Putin. Calling such a tyrant “a good guy” and someone he’d “take a bullet for” about sums this nasty little piece of toerag up for what he is – an utter braindead berk.
In June 2019, the now nonagenarian attended a Spice Girls reunion concert at London’s Wembley stadium with his third wife, Fabiana Flosi, and ‘Ginger Spice’ Geri Halliwell’s husband, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner. Though he’s enjoyed many such more outings in the years since, if his trial doesn’t go well this autumn, he might be instead find himself enjoying porridge. Diddums.
Matthew Steeples called out the businessman for his selective hearing on Twitter on Monday 22nd August.
Last week, Steeples asked who’d turn up at court to support the skinflint. Surprisingly, the majority of those that voted opted for Tony Blair – who, as Labour leader, had to return a £1 million donation from the then F1 head honcho back in 1997 after a scandal about tobacco companies sponsoring teams. In the wake, “doing a Bernie” unsurprisingly became synonymous with giving a bung of £1 million.

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  • It's strange, whenever these scum bags are brought to face justice, they always seem to have a problem with memory or hearing. Or their too frail to actually appear in person. Funny how none of these things seem to affect their life style untill their day in court though.

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