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Stunt on Stunt

New contributor James Stunt on how the Daily Mail have manipulated his image; he responds with mirth and again challenges that paper’s proprietor to sue him


Ask anybody in Aberdeen and they’ve likely never heard of me. Weirdly, though, the Daily Mail plainly thinks otherwise and treats me as if I were actually famous. They call me a “billionaire” and they print photographs of my home. They do it repeatedly and they do it obsessively and at a time when there’s so much else that needs to be highlighted in this world, I have to say it is a little odd.


The paper’s proprietor Viscount Rothermere – or Jonathan Harmsworth to his deservedly few friends – encourages his staff to write mocking articles about me and he employs trolls to follow up with insulting remarks in comments sections. I’ve got used to this, but thankfully I see from the reactions I get on social media that his decidedly low-grade rag’s obsession is perceived by the sane majority to be nothing but a personal vendetta by a member of a family who once supported the Blackshirts.


Stunt on Stunt – James Stunt becomes a contributor to The Steeple Times – New contributor James Stunt on how the Daily Mail have manipulated his image; he responds with mirth.
James Stunt: “My supposed ‘fame’ is a pure creation of the Daily Mail”
Stunt on Stunt – James Stunt becomes a contributor to The Steeple Times – New contributor James Stunt on how the Daily Mail have manipulated his image; he responds with mirth.
Fellow targets of the Daily Mail: Christopher Jefferies and Anna Soubry MP


In all of this, I realise one thing and that is that the treatment of me is not nearly as bad as has occurred to others. Be it what they nastily call the “venomous Tory traitor” MP Anna Soubry – whose life they put in grave danger – or the entirely innocent school teacher Christopher Jefferies, theDaily Fail’ just cannot help itself. This paper is entirely lacking in a moral compass and it is one controlled by a megalomaniac. I once again challenge the coward and playground bully Rothermere to sue me for the responses I’ve put out via YouTube and Instagram.


James Stunt is a businessman, art collector and philanthropist. Follow him on Instagram at @james_stunt29 and YouTube by clicking here.


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48 comments on “Stunt on Stunt”

  1. As a non-Jew I agree with Jackie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ram a cricket bat up his bum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rothermere is a rat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #TeamStunt as the millennials would say!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Leave the lovely man alone! How can the owner of a the Daily Fail be so bored to pick on James! Fucking C*unt!! You will get what’s coming to you!! Thats a promise I’m sure off.

  3. Stunt should sue the rabid dog Rothermere. They are pond life and need wiping out.

    P.S. His mum was a nasty piece of work and a drunk too. As Steeples aways says, #NAMEANDSHAME

  4. Welcome James Stunt. You join a great publication. We will look forward to many more thoughts from you – something on the arts, cars, finance, etc next please.

  5. Well said.!!. and keep it up…
    Lets not also forget their TOTAL 24-7 365 day coverage as well of the Kardashians… clearly they are getting remunerated to be that family’s PR it the disguise of a reputable paper.. but as you said going after people in a clearly deliberately harmful matter is slanderous and unlawful

  6. I cannot stand the Ecclestone TV whore Traumara and even worse is that dwarf father and troll mum from wherever. James had a lucky escape and now the Daily Nazi paper should stop harassing him.

  7. Rothermere you little whore of a bitch!! Get a life, actually go die!! We don’t need people like you. Love you James!! The bro

  8. James stunt is coming across as sincere, level headed and genuine. I hope that more of us adopt his non nonsense approach to bullies and criminals. James there are so many more people than you think who are with you. Fuck the Daily Fail and it’s slimey facist owner!!!!

  9. I had the honour of meeting this young man once and i must say he is nothing of what is said he was polite kind and very charming I wish him all the best in his fight over this utter rubbish news paper

  10. I love how James Stunt is now part of The Steeples Times!! We need to have a party! Please can we have more articles from James!! Would love to hear about your cars and how you met Drake please!!!!!!!

  11. Mr Stunt, amazing article on the claimed Daily Fail, Microphone and Bernie need to be exposed but the trouble with that is that they try and put you in the bad light when they themselves should be.

  12. One a few occasions I have met Mr Stunt he has been a real gentleman. So why should the daily mail be so negative….

  13. Team Stunt , every one wants to watch Stunt, insult that bully and call him a Cunt ! All your fans are here please make that rag disappear!!! TEAM STUNT!!!!

  14. Bernie Ecclestone – Nil points
    Jonathan Harmsworth – Nil points
    James Stunt – YOU WIN!

    Stick it to the pair of them. Bad, bad men.

  15. A good decision by Stunt. He will win in the end. It will take time but the world will see him as the better person. His ex family are scum of the earth.

  16. James you legend! Matthew Steeples you absolute Don bringing James on board!! Don’t understand why people hate on him!?! I have met James many times and he is one of the realest people I have met!!

  17. I think James Stunt is shaping up to be one of the most influential, intelligent and interesting men I have ever come across. Please write more articles here and I just love how he stated he will die standing never kneeling . My word in the political correctness of our generation it’s so sexy and refreshing to finally see a real man for a change. I can’t wait until his next public update… x

  18. James stunt has been picked on and bullied by these people who tried to bring him down. They show jealously and hatred towards a great man. He did the right thing to speak his mind to to fight back.

  19. They tried to ruin James stunt name by saying negative stuff. He is a great guy and they are full of jealousy and hatred.

  20. I’m not sure why The Daily fail rag has such an obsession with JS, is this just a vendetta by Rothermere to try and bring James down. Mr Rothermere should be very careful as it can work both ways, it’s very easy to drop a rumour here and there, and before long people begin to think it’s the absolute truth. Especially numb nuts that read his rag.

  21. Right on James! One thing- the Daily Fail is unsuitable for tearing up and hanging in the privy on string. My pack passage deserves far better.

  22. Jonathan is a friend of mine. I cannot fathom why someone would dislike him. His wife gave the most spectacular party for him at Annabel’s – which I attended and celebrated the joy he brings to the many and not the few. Alexander Spencer-Churchill was the organiser. I urge Mr Stunt to make peace with him. Yolanda

    1. Shut up Ali is a [EDITED FOR LEGAL REASONS] and you are a leech nobody thinks Ali Spencer Churchil or you are anything more than [EDITED FOR LEGAL REASONS]! When Johnathan insults your dead brother bitch you tell me me what that [EDITED FOR LEGAL REASONS] crook brings in the way of joy you stupid Cunt

  23. Well said Stunty…….. I am on your side on this. That rag needs to be closed down and its poison pens need locking up.

  24. Good choice by The Steeple Times to give a voice to someone loathed by the Mail. That paper spreads hate and nothing else and in sticking up for Soubry and Jeffries, Stunt proves himself a decent gentleman. More people like him and Berkoff please Matthew.

  25. I will raise my glass to James Stunt and The Steeple Times at 12 noon. This is what the country needs – journalism that calls out the wrongdoers (i.e. Paul Dacre, Rothermere, etc.)

  26. I would not wipe my arse with that rag. Well said Mr Stunt.

    P.S. Used to think you were a prick with that idiot convoy and those ugly thug bodyguards but you’ve changed my perception of you. I am impressed by your humility and the videos show a genuine human. Now, great man, it is time to get out and about and do more good. You have the ability to change the world and I hope you will use your resources to help those less fortunate.

    P.P.S. They say a leopard can’t change its spots. Since getting divorced, you certainly have. Well done sir.

  27. There’s nothing sexy about Anna Soubry, that’s for sure, but James is right. She should not have been targeted and nor should he and Jeffries. Daily Mail is a bad publication and it is not fit for human consumption. Put it down.

  28. Rothermere needs to be put in the village stocks. He should be pelted with the rottenest tomatoes and as for that wife of his – what a slapper!

  29. Thank you to everybody for your support and kindness. It’s very nice and humbling to see so many like minded people.

  30. I dated James very seriously before he was married. He has valiantly kept it for my benefit beyond discreet. I think it was shameful what his so called ex wife allowed to be slandered about him and his loving caring brother. I am shocked that any mother would allow utter lies that I know for a fact are lies and that this tyrant little tax evading newspaper owner have been allowed to try and destroy a wonderful genuine mans reputation. Darling please know that I am with you always and you know that and thank you again sweetheart for always being so protective of me and my family. You are my beautiful friend and first love ALWAYS xxxxxxxxxxxxx nattapong you know I am still unbeaten by you at!!!! Lol ?

  31. Viscount Rothermere is a sick megalomaniac who wishes he was a real man . He and I know he was bullied at Gordonstoun and his mother BUBBLES gargled champagne morning, noon and night. No wonder he is so vile he was born drunk . Disgusting man and a lying bully hypocrite, well done James for taking this Nazi bully to task. I am with you .

  32. Johnathan everyone knows that you have a very liberal marriage and that you are aware of a link between India and America with Lady Rothermere. Men like you who have many skeletons in your closet should be careful lying when your truth is beyond sleazy lol ?

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