Ocean Profiteering – Greedy Grabber Fergie Sinks In Sea Like Greedy Groper Ghislaine

Yet again, simpleton Sarah, Duchess of York shows herself as out-of-touch with public sentiment by banging on about her incarcerated mucker Ghislaine Maxwell’s favourite cause – protecting the oceans.

Yet again, simpleton Sarah, Duchess of York shows herself as out-of-touch with public sentiment by banging on about her incarcerated mucker Ghislaine Maxwell’s favourite cause – protecting the oceans

Mucky madam nonce Ghislaine Maxwell loved helping the oceans more than she loved helping young sex trafficked girls escape and now it seems her old mucker Sarah, Duchess of York has gone and got herself on the same trajectory.


Likely well-oiled and off her trolley on the hooch, in a 28-second clip shared on Instagram, the live-in ex-wife of ‘Randy’ Prince Andy took to Instagram yesterday. She appeared hippy-like with flowers on her head and whilst flaunting some kind of packaged bathroom products from a profit-making-firm-not-a-charity named Love Ocean launched into a bizarre rant to her 365,000 followers. In it, she slurred her words and declared:


“So, every day, every day is World Ocean Day. Don’t make it just on June the 8th, but you’re gonna [sic] do it every day.”


“And look, here is that wonderful bottle and when you see this, you know you are looking after the oceans and here’s the wonderful refill pack. And we love, love, love Ocean Kids.”


“And I just wanted to say, don’t wait, don’t wait for Ocean Day, every day is Ocean Day.”


Responding, one fellow Instagrammer observed: “WTF did I just watch?” after someone followed up: “I want what she’s on.” Going further, one named Anthony Kevin Mee concluded: “I think she’s been on the gin” whilst another, Annette Day, added: “She’s losing the plot! What’s on her head?”


Just like her non-sweating, Pizza Express loving ex-husband, yet again the woman formerly best-known for having had her toes sucked by an errant lover has shown herself as lacking in judgment and the good sense to avoid topics controversial. Yet again, one is left asking: “Who is advising the clearly completely out-of-touch with public sentiment Sarah, Duchess of York?”


Pictured top – The Duke of York’s wide-eyed live-in ex-wife appeared to be a little beyond over-refreshed as she attempted to promote the products of a firm named Love Ocean. Whether she was paid to do this by the run-for-profit company’s founder Gabi Jennings and how much she was financially rewarded for this car crash episode is unknown.


Since the ex-husband she still lives with was reduced to paying £12 million to a woman, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, he previously claimed to have never have met and since she lost her £18 million ski chalet as a result, the wastrel woman formerly known as Sarah Ferguson has been reduced to flogging unknown shampoo brands to her followers on social media. Her Majesty the Queen must be terribly proud of her and her not-so ‘innovative’ use of the #WeLoveOcean and #RefillRevolution hashtags.
Of ‘Fergie’s’ latest outing on social media yesterday, Instagram user Linda Ellen Willis rightly surmised: “She’s gone absolutely bonkers! Scarry with the darkened eyebrows, lower voice, erratic movements. The poor woman needs help.” In a previous episode of her ‘Fergie & Friends’ series on Instagram, ‘Simpleton Sarah’ – whom unsurprisingly has never declared whether she repaid the loans and other benefits she took from the croaked paedophile Jeffrey Epstein – read rather appropriately from a book called ‘I Am Odd’ by Benjamin Giroux. The much-ridiculed redhead most certainly is just that.
Sarah, Duchess of York perhaps was inspired to take up the mantle of protecting oceans given her old chum Ghislaine Maxwell won’t be doing much of that for at least 20 years during her incarceration in a Florida clink for participating in the sexual abuse and trafficking of young girls.
‘The Lady Macbeth of Downing Street’ Carrie Johnson (AKA ‘Carrie Antoinette’ and ‘Carry On Regardless’ used to work for the ‘charity’ Oceana as a senior advisor and member of staff. The organisation had very close links, financial and otherwise, to the now incarcerated, convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell.
In happier times, the mother of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie used to love living it up on the party circuit with the favourite daughter of the poisonous and pugnacious pension pot plunderer Robert Maxwell. Those days are over for both of them given the Houses of York and Maxwell are now associated with nothing but sleaze and sexual abuse.

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  • Very funny article! I had some good laughs
    and I needed them. She may be going batty by association. Who wouldnt slip dealing with the Windsor Clan. whoa ..

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