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Entitled Hamptons brat Jonathan Davis exposed for allegedly squatting in Sag Harbor during the coronavirus lockdown; it turns out he’s a realtor with NestSeekers.

Entitled Hamptons brat Jonathan Davis exposed for allegedly squatting during the coronavirus lockdown; it turns out he’s a realtor with NestSeekers

Jonathan Davis is the founder of the Hamptons Brewing Company and the son of a self-declared “power broker” realtor named Tim Davis. Aside from also being a property agent and claiming to have been “born and raised” in the summer colony that the wealthy of New York flock to, on Friday, he was exposed as something else – Mr Davis has now been outed as a pesky squatter who allegedly doesn’t pay his rent and goes around wrecking other peoples’ homes.


In March, Davis, a graduate of Lynn University “with a passion for business,” featured in an interview with Fox Business in which he bragged about how much business he was doing because of the coronavirus pandemic. In the typically brash style expected of a privileged preppy prat and speaking on behalf of his bosses at the NestSeekers brokerage, he declared:


“Rental season is starting earlier now. Instead of Memorial Day, it’s 1st April… It’s a very proactive time… There is just more room to breathe out here and families feel safer… It’s not a bad environment to be quarantined.”


According to Inside Edition, completely modest to his core “like father, like son, greatness never dies” Davis – whom according to his broker profile has sold properties priced as high as £9.3 million ($11.5 million, €10.3 million or درهم42.2 million) and pompously lauds himself as a “well-regarded agent” selling “a lifestyle, not just a dream home” according to posts on his Twitter handle – has himself taken advantage of the pandemic at the expense of someone who rented him a house.


The “prominent real estate agent” and “alleged squatter,” the syndicated news-magazine reports, rented a 3-bedroom property in Sag Harbor from Paula Rosado and now “refuses to move out.” Davis is alleged to owe £12,100 ($15,000, €13,500 or درهم55,100) and has supposedly allowed his two German Shepherd dogs to “tear apart” the building and urinate all over her rugs and “couches” [sic]. Windows are reported broken also and of the situation, Rosado moaned: “It’s horrific. It really is just horrific… This has been a complete nightmare for us, for our family emotionally and financially.”


When confronted by Inside Edition’s cameras, Davis refused to comment. His lawyer, meanwhile, angrily stated: “I’ve got no comments except: GET ORF THE GROUNDS!”


The Steeple Times contacted Jonathan Davis and his bosses at NestSeekers – CEO and founder Eddie Shapiro, Bridgehampton salesperson Dylan Eckardt and associate broker Peggy Zabakolas – for comment on Saturday. They all failed to respond by 11am GMT Monday and thus provided illustration of the “ethics, integrity, loyalty, education, ingenuity and courage” by which Shapiro’s firm operates by. Allow NestSeekers into your home at your peril.


Pictured top: Jonathan Davis looking annoyed alongside his ritzy Land Rover Discovery and a police officer.


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The home rented to Jonathan Davis by Paula Rosado.
The gardens of the Sag Harbor property now resemble something inhabited by Stig of the Dump. They were supposedly immaculate prior to Jonathan Davis moving in.
Property owner Paula Rosado spoke to ‘Inside Edition’ to share her frustrations.
On the Instagram page for his brewing company, Jonathan Davis declares: “A good time starts here.” As can be seen from this image, a good time is not being had by his caged dogs.
Jonathan Davis’ unnamed legal representative made quite a scene, when asked for a comment.
Mr Davis, however, surprisingly for a mouthy realtor, had little to nothing to say.
Davis does like to brag about his supposed successes on his NestSeekers broker profile though. One Hamptons local we approached commented: “I wouldn’t trust him with a garden hoe.”

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  • He looks decidedly unpleasant. Can he not even afford a pair of slacks? Business must be tough - perhaps he should call Daddy!

  • The poor lady who owns the house is rightly angry but I think animal protection need to be called in for those poor caged dogs. NestSeekers should be ashamed of itself for employing a man who locks dogs in cages. That cruel firm deserves no place in the property market - and I say that myself as a property professional (based in London).

  • What a wanker and what a moron his boss Eddie Shapiro is for not responding with a comment! I know you’d have been fair and given him a right to reply.

  • Absolutely disgusting! who does he think he is? Wrong on so many levels, animal welfare
    should be straight in there and take those poor dogs away. Obviously in this case money
    definitely doesn't produce class or integrity.

  • I dealt with him once. He has no manners and is an arrogant little f**k. Zachary Belil is a realtor I've heard good things about and though I have never dealt with him, I back him up -- Jonnie Boy is a FREAK.

  • Little prat, just send the boys around and turf his spoilt little ass into the street.
    Where's Tony Soprano when you need him?

  • He looks like he's about to wet himself. Piss poor prat boy. Daddy should spank him.

  • I doubt he paid anything but it appears he has moved to Katy, TX using the same intrigity line on his realtor bio.

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