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Moron of the Moment – Johnny Rottenmere

Viscount Rothermere has yet again proven himself to be the finest example of all that is bad about Britain; this rotten scumbag is nothing but a true disgrace


The Right Honourable Viscount Rothermere – also known as Jonathan Harmsworth and also more appropriately referenced as ‘Johnny Rottenmere’ is a rat not a man and he’s one who plainly enjoys going about wrecking lives.


Surrounded by vicious “attack dogs” such as the pugnacious Richard Littlejohn – a turd-like prat who today tastelessly referenced the brilliant Anna Soubry as ‘Soubry Loo’ and bizarrely suggested the “kind of girl whose hair you’d have pulled out at school” Mary Berry should be made “Father of the Nation” – this cretinous imbecile sums up all that is wrong about Britain.


Known for simply being “the nastiest newspaper on the planet,” the Daily Mail is in fact considered by right-minded people as a bit of a poor attempt at being a Beano comic. In fact, one should not take a word it has to say seriously and one should not even use it as a bog roll substitute. Yes, it does have a couple of decent writers – such as the especially witty Henry Deedes – but when ‘Rottenmere’ allows Littlejohn to disgracefully suggest ‘Sir Shifty’ Philip Green should be made our Brexit negotiator, one knows this rotten proprietor has totally lost his moral compass.


Hailing from a family that once supported the Blackshirts and ridiculously praised Oswald Moseley for his “sound commonsense,” this non-dom is not someone who spends his days using his wealth for the common good. Instead of say helping the homeless or trying to stop knife crime, ‘Rottenmere’ hangs out at lavish shindigs at Annabel’s, plays polo (according to our well-connected sources: “Very badly”) and allows his publications to label those they don’t like “enemies of the people.”


Provocation is the core of what ‘Rottenmere’s’ henchman are about and with the Mail Online focused on “[carrying] its ‘sidebar of shame’ with its undiluted focus on cellulite, bikini shots and C-list celebrities cavorting on sun-drenched beaches,” what has followed is the dumbing down of journalism. At the end of the day and however “hands-off” this much disliked scumbag claims to be, Viscount Rothermere’s wealth stems from the vileness he allows to be published. He is a disgrace and today we name and shame him as such.


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