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Lazy Brady’s U-Turn

Muckspreader Lady Brady does a U-turn about alleged abuser Sir ‘Shifty’ Philip Green (but then admits she’s often still on the blower to him)

‘Lazy Brady’s’ at it again; this harpy, in fact, simply just cannot help herself.


Aside from attacking people she hasn’t met, like, for example, James Stunt, in her tawdry column in The Sun, Baroness Brady of Knightsbridge CBE – an “overpainted Aunt Sally” best known for her associations with pornographers – previously claimed she had to continue working for Sir ‘Shifty’ Philip Green because of her “real sense of duty.” As recently as last February even, she went as far to describe this alleged abuser as: “The most dynamic, the most energetic, the most relentless business-person I have ever come across, a whirlwind of energy and ideas.”


Speaking to Sky News’s Ian King earlier this week, this self-declared “faithful companion of Jesus” – and a woman branded a “bitter, toxic feminist” who “should disappear up herself” – decided to do a bit of a U-turn and announced:


“I said what I had to say at the time [about the decline of BHS]. I took care of the holding company [Taveta Investments]… Er, lots of the work we did there was very important, but we had a very difficult situation facing the organisation in relation to the CVA.”


“As you know, the CVA is only one step as part of the recovery. Er, we were growing that business, reestablishing that business… Er, marketing that business was equally important.”


‘I felt I’d stayed and done the job I had to do. And I left when left.”


“I do still talk to Philip Green, yes. The business is very important. The majority of people who work there are women. It employs thousands of people. It’s part and parcel of our high street. The high street is having a very difficult time. I think it is important that that business succeeds.”


“Well, I didn’t square [ what she ludicrously terms her ‘feminist credentials’] them because I resigned. So, I think that says all it needs to say.”


Strangely then the cat then got her tongue.


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3 comments on “Lazy Brady’s U-Turn”

  1. Do not send her Down Under!!!!!!!!! She is pig ugly and if she sleeps with the likes of Green, she’s definitely diseased!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mad cow!!!!!!!!!!! Lock her up!!!!!!!!! Quarantine!!!!!!!

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