Hero of the Hour 2021 – Josh Kelly

Hero of the Hour 2021 – Josh Kelly, Popham Pies taxi delivery service – Enterprising Islington cabbie Josh Kelly turns to delivering pie and mash to replace fare absence during coronavirus lockdowns.

Enterprising Islington cabbie Josh Kelly turns to delivering pie and mash to replace fare absence during coronavirus lockdowns

Brought to our attention by reader June Clarke, Josh Kelly is someone just like book exchange heroine Olivia Clements who has done something positive for those in his neighbourhood during the coronavirus lockdowns.


Taxi driver Mr Kelly, after seeing his income from driving his black cab predictably plummet due to people staying at home, created Popham Pies to deliver minced beef pies with mash from M. Manze in Bermondsey throughout Islington.


Having identified a “gap in the market,” he was featured on ITV yesterday and remarked:


“[Delivering pie and mash is] pretty much my main job now because there’s just no work in the taxi at the moment – obviously with the lockdown no-one’s going anywhere.”


“It’s gone from [being able to work 24/7] to you might work 10 hours and end up with £20… When lockdowns come to an end there is some work, but very little, still quite bad. So, this was just something to sort of guarantee me a bit more money per week.”


“I don’t even go out in the taxi any more, to be honest, because it’s just not worth it. Last time I went out I did four hours and I got one job which was £16 and that covered the diesel. Once the pandemic is over there probably will be a lot less cab drivers out there.”


“It is tough when you go from working six, seven days a week to doing nothing. So, I really had to come up with something myself.”


“It’s traditional London and pie and mash in a traditional taxi, so I just thought it would catch people’s attention.”


“It’s a very traditional London thing, just like the black taxi is, so that’s why I tied the two together.”


A single pie and mash is charged at £5, a double at £9 and a triple at £13.50. All come with liquor.


Islington based readers can order from Popham Pies via Instagram or WhatsApp on +447388781736. Those elsewhere can arrange to collect from Josh Kelly by appointment in chilled (ready to cook) or cooked (to heat in a microwave) form.


Popham Pies has over 600 followers on Instagram and over 1,000 on Facebook.
Enterprising taxi driver Josh Kelly set up Popham Pies during the coronavirus lockdown to keep himself busy. He “hopes to be able to continue the pie and mash delivery service, possibly recruiting other cab drivers to expand into other areas of London.”



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