‘Headmaster Harvey’s’ Back – Kinky Harvey Proctor Gets Job Back

As the former “kinky MP” Harvey Proctor gets his job back with the Duke of Rutland, we remind readers of his history supporting apartheid, caning young men “for being naughty” and connections to mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell.

As the former “kinky MP” ‘Headmaster Harvey’ Proctor gets his job back with the Duke of Rutland, we remind readers of his history supporting apartheid, caning young men “for being naughty” and connections to mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell

This morning, the Daily Mail’s Richard Eden reported that Harvey Proctor a cry baby former politician known as a “kinky MP” and convicted of gross indecency with a 17-year-old boy and a 19-year-old man in May 1987 has returned to “his former glory” and got his job and grace-and-favour home back.


Once again employed as a private secretary by the 11th Duke of Rutland, one-time far-right Monday Club member Harvey Proctor – who was falsely accused by a subsequently exposed fantasist named Carl Beech – crowed to the paper: “I’m back in my old house, which is a beautiful house in the Vale of Belvoir… I don’t honestly think I have a feeling or a need of vindication. Others have proved what happened in 2015 was just a nonsense and I’ve managed to live through it and come out the other side.” Disgusted readers, without doubt, asked those sitting opposite them at their breakfast tables to pass the sick bucket.


Eden reported that ‘Headmaster Harvey’ had appeared on a 2-hour-2-minute LBC podcast hosted by Iain Dale last week. Of it, themselves LBC surmised: “Iain Dale talks to former Conservative MP Harvey Proctor about his life and career. They discuss his eight years in parliament which ended in 1987 and spend the second half of the podcast discussing the allegations made against him by Operation Midland and the years it has taken to clear his name. It’s at times a difficult listen, with some tears along the way.”


Self-satisfied Proctor – who also took to Twitter last week to disgustingly claim: “When I was an MP I called for voluntary repatriation and was labelled a racist… We should have controlled immigration in the 1950s and 1960s but because politicians didn’t they should have stopped immigration in the 1970s and 1980s. Had my suggestions to stop immigration in the 1970s and 1980s been adopted we could be more generous with refugees now” – it must be remembered featured in an August 2019 article in The Steeple Times about how he had once been linked to the now convicted sex offender Ghislaine Maxwell.


The feature, titled “With friends like these…” read:


“Ghislaine Maxwell’s relationships with sexual deviants were not limited to just Jeffrey Epstein; she was previously linked to former MP Harvey ‘Whacko’ Proctor.”


“It turns out that the former MP and convicted criminal Harvey Proctor – found guilty of gross indecency with teenagers in 1986 – is linked to Ghislaine Maxwell via his former employer, the current Duke of Rutland.”


“On 26th October 1986, The People – then owned by the pension pot robber Robert Maxwell – ran a front page spread about how someone had tried to “blackmail” them and their proprietor if they ‘continued with [their] ‘campaign’ against the kinky MP [Harvey Proctor].’ They claimed a caller had alleged they ‘would reveal compromising details of an alleged relationship between Mr Maxwell’s daughter Ghislaine and the son of a Duke… at Belvoir Castle with incriminating pictures of them in compromising positions.’”


“In the article, the alleged sex game and rentboy lover Harvey Proctor is quoted and tellingly bleated:’“I know nothing about it at all. I would describe this kind of threat as absolutely disgraceful. I have no idea who would do anything like that. It has nothing to do with me. I have nothing more to say.’”


The People had previously run an article about the then Tory politician that had suggested he ‘was not fit to remain an MP.’ It concluded: ‘In the words of Oliver Cromwell: ‘IN THE NAME OF GOD, GO!’ The same now could perhaps be said of the murky missing madam of the moment Ghislaine Maxwell.”


Whilst Mr Proctor, like all convicted of crimes, has a right to move on having paid a fine for such, that he continues to so arrogantly bang on shows only one thing and that he is a clearly awful and utterly objectionable, attention seeking bully boy. Next!


Proctor was a key figure in the Conservative Monday Club. He produced an article for its pamphlet, ‘Monday World,’ calling for the scrapping of the Commission for Racial Equality in October 1982 and was shockingly a member of the apartheid supporting club’s committee whilst Member of Parliament for Basildon.
On Twitter on 16th June, ‘Dame Alun Roberts’ remarked: “Robert Maxwell had a collection of whips that would have made Harvey Proctor red with envy” and quoted Eleanor Berry’s references to Ghislaine Maxwell supposedly being abused by her pension pot plundering papa.
The “spanking scandal” made front page news on 26th October 1986 in ‘The People’ with then proprietor Robert Maxwell claiming: “Publisher told ‘Gag The People.’” And “Blackmail: Maxwell threatened over spanking MP.”
In April this year, the ex-MP appeared on the GB News channel’s ‘Talking Pints’ with Patrick Christys to bang on about his experiences. He whined and whined and stated: “Quite horrendous. If anyone hasn’t faced that sort of pressure, continuous pressure, it is horrendous.” Instead of following the show’s title and necking beer, Proctor and his interviewer curiously swooshed down glasses of wine.
In 1988, Mr Proctor joined guests including Christine Keeler on the legendary show ‘After Dark’ to confront a reporter who had written about his links to rent boys, Annette Witheridge. She unsurprisingly made rather a prat of this brazen, bombastic bore.

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  • WOW Ghislaine really did have her moments in the 1980s & with someone seemingly "alleged" just as disturbing as J-Epstein ! Great article & news Matthew Steeple !!!

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