Dim Martin

Nikolay Kalinin mocks Brexiteer and founder of Wetherspoons Tim Martin for now wanting EU migrant workers; he relabels the champagne, social media and dog hater ‘Dim Martin’

Bumbling Brexiteer Tim Martin is genuinely suffering from “oh no, I really have binned it” syndrome. Yesterday, the JD Wetherspoons founder – who back in 2018 banned champagne and replaced it with sparkling wine from Britain and Australia – contradicted himself and demanded government schemes to make it easier for EU migrants to return to boost the UK economy by working for him.


In comments circulated widely, the businessman asked Boris Johnson to establish a more “reasonably liberal immigration system” that would see the introduction of a visa scheme for EU workers, as pubs and restaurants struggle to find sufficient workers post-pandemic.


Speaking to the Telegraph, the pub chain boss stated that such a proposal would be beneficial for the UK because of its “low birth rate” and attempted to justify his proposal by saying: “America, Australia and Singapore have benefitted for many decades from this approach. Immigration combined with democracy works.”


Over the past year, Wetherspoons has seen its number of workers drop by 6,000 to 38,000, meaning that those workers must have taken Martin’s advice of April of last year and gone to work at Tesco’s instead.


Unsurprisingly, this complete lunatic’s comments sparked outrage on social media for their blatant hypocrisy, with then Mirror’s Kevin Maguire calling him a “prat” for “demanding more migration from Europe under a “reasonably liberal” system after he whipped up anti-EU prejudice, fuelling myths and banning European booze.”


Meanwhile, the official account of Have I Got News For You tweeted: “Tim Martin calls for more EU migration to staff bars, after Brexit causes 90% downturn in irony and self-awareness.”


What we are seeing here is Brexit reality dawning over the very people who once supported it. It turns out that we are not living in a paradise and we have not taken back control of our borders, as evidenced by how ‘Priti “Awful’ Patel’s plans to catch illegal migrants have been rejected by the French.


Tim Martin was interviewed by Owen Jones in January 2019. “Which of them is more loathsome?” is the question that most would ask of this awful pair of pillocks.
In January last year, Wetherspoons draconianly limited customers with children to just two alcoholic drinks each. In response, Rupert Murray pointed out in ‘The Telegraph’ yesterday: “Here’s a new business idea for you: hanging around in Wetherspoons loos selling moonshine to thirsty parents. Thirsty parents who have already downed their allotted two pints. They’ve probably smashed their glasses over a nearby skull and trashed the joint. Mothers and fathers are, after all, Begbie from ‘Trainspotting’ in sheep’s clothing. This is the only possible explanation for why Wetherspoons has banned anyone looking after children from being served anything more than a brace of beverages.”
Tim Martin is the personification of a stupid, hypocrite argues Nikolay Kalinin. Pictured here with Boris Johnson, ‘The Steeple Times’ has previously condemned him for banning dogs both inside and outside his pubs, for his ban on social media in his premises and for banning champagne and other European booze also. He is nothing but an utter nutter!

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  • Nikolay should do a head count because there are more than two pillocks around, or perhaps that is too hard when we are overwhelmed by them. Covid was a God sent disease for the government because it provides a total distraction to the mess of Brexit. It also has it's own series of mess ups as we know. What more could you expect from someone who thought a garden bridge was a great idea, and had to head off touting for funds?

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