Anth’ Swings Back To The Bog

Anthea Turner’s decision to talk about how she doesn’t like seeing bleach in a bathroom confirms her desperation for any kind of publicity; shouldn’t she just bog off?

When she’s not swinging into action to save her magic mushroom loving, police biting fiancé or shoving Cadbury’s chocolates in her gob on wedding days, Anthea Turner likes to get busy in the bog.


Speaking to Ideal Home’s Rebecca Knight earlier this month, self-absorbed “cleaning guru” Turner revealed “the cleaning products she ‘hates’ seeing in the bathroom” and banged on about her “love” for Sainsbury’s citrus bleach tablets. Unsurprisingly, the feature was marked: “We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article” (and no doubt ‘Shagger Turner’ is doing so also).


The article also featured an Instagram post by ‘Princess Tippytoes.’ In it, the tedious twerp curiously announced: “I HATE seeing bleach bottles by the side of the loo. They are not ornaments. Put them in the cupboard. Lecture over.” The publicity desperado then added: “Tables are the answer [if you don’t have cupboard space for your bleach] and I do have a rather nice brush as you can see brush for guests’ mishaps. I have my cleaning things in a bucket I wiz round the house with burning up calories on the way.”


Concluding of this utterly fascinating subject, Turner remarked: “When it comes to using the tablets, just pop one in the toilet and they sit there melting, doing their job with no spillage.”


Thanks, Anthea, but frankly now love, instead just bog off.


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Anth’ Swings Back To The Bog – There is utterly nothing that Anthea Turner wouldn’t do for publicity.



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