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Poundland muckspreader and prattling peer Karren Brady continues to bore the public by banging on about just about everything.

Poundland muckspreader and prattling peer Karren Brady continues to bore the public by banging on about just about everything

Calling a woman a “Karen” is to use “pejorative slang to describe an obnoxious, angry, entitled, and often racist middle-aged white female who uses her privilege to get her way or police other people’s behaviour,” but there’s a “Karren” (with two ‘r’s’) frankly even worse than her single ‘r’ sister.


This morning in The Sun on Sunday, following up from the rant by her we referenced in January 2021, the acid tongued harpy that is Karren Brady (AKA The Right Honourable The Baroness Brady of Knightsbridge in the City of Westminster CBE, ‘Lazy Brady,’ ‘The Poundland Muckspreader’ and ‘Mrs Blowjob or No Job’) decided to lecture all-and-sundry about just about everything.


Beginning with a commentary about how she likes to tell her children “how things used to be” in “the olden days” and how she “prefers real friends” in spite of promoting herself heavily on Instagram, Brady – once branded a “nasty piece of trash” and “a complete coward” by Duncan Bannatyne – then claimed Kirsty Bertarelli’s £350 million divorce settlement “seems like a fair and well-deserved payoff to me.”


Aside from illustrating how out of touch with the lives of ordinary folk throughout the land, job destroyer Sir Philip Green’s friend and associate’s comments once again show her to be incapable of saying or writing anything rational or reasoned.


“Arrogant, self-interested baroness” and gutter gossip hack” Brady then continued by offering up her views on climate change and those protesting against it, “the joys of flexible working,” swimmer Tom Daley’s bulimia and Dominic Raab’s misunderstanding of the concepts of misogyny and misandry. Instead, could this weird wench not have focused on perhaps just one topic?


Whatever will this “supreme self-brander” – whom reminded Simon Hattenstone of the Guardian of the thankfully croaked late paedophile PR man Max Clifford – be banging on about next? Surely, the public must know ‘Condescending Karren’s’ thoughts on sex toys and most especially dildos.


Pictured top: Mouthy muckspreader Lady Brady with her deservedly loathed mate Sir Philip Green.


Brady with West Ham co-owner David Sullivan in 1993. Mr Sullivan was mocked by fans in September 2017 when they bounced a giant inflatable sex toy around a stadium during a game against Huddersfield.
The aforementioned inflatable.

“Overpainted Aunt Sally” Karren Brady on…

Her destroyer of jobs and the high street mate ‘Sir Shifty’ Philip Green

“The most dynamic, the most energetic, the most relentless business-person I have ever come across, a whirlwind of energy and ideas.”


The nearly as controversial businessman Mike Ashley:

“I feel sorry for a guy like Mike Ashley… He tried his best… I feel tremendous sympathy for Ashley.”


Her “precarious work-life balance”…

“[It’s a] balancing act… [I feel] constant guilt over being a working mother.”


Her being investigated in connection with corruption in football

“I was in a very dark place… It was gut-wrenching… I didn’t want to have to justify myself to people.”


The East End of London…

“A hotbed of racism.”


Condoms in the Birmingham City boardroom…

“I found it floating in the toilet… And it became this big whodunit. I mean, in the boardroom toilet of all places.”


Her “wickedly indiscreet newspaper column”…

“It’s what I leave out that would make your hair curl.”


Unsurprisingly getting abuse given her own vile tongue…

“The abuse I get is vile. And so much worse now than it’s ever been.”



“At 23, I had skin as thick as a rhino… I don’t have any fears.”


“I dare to put my head above the parapet, to have a mind and a voice of my own and to plough my own furrow.”


“[I am now] one of the most highly sought-after motivational speakers in the world.”


More modest than the late Mother Theresa, one is simply left asking: “What on earth was it about the very wealthy woman Karren Brady that David Cameron saw fit to elevate her to the House of Lords?”


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  • By singly associating with many none-too-complicated billionaires effectively she has achieved wealth and a top gong. I doubt whether she would have done it any other way or indeed have been tolerated or at all adopted.

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